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Your Desire Is The Thing Itself Emerging Through You ~ Allow It To Express & Fully Flower Open Through You As You

Video Transcript:

Welcome to Allowing Flowering, embodying your true identity as the field of infinite possibilities, where you are already one with your every heart’s desire and the most expansive love of all. Thank you so much for joining me here today. You have intuitively attracted the watching of this video for a reason. So let’s find out what divine inspiration wants to come through for you right now.

“I will never cease being or desiring.” “You will never cease to be. New desires will be constantly born within you. Source will never stop answering your desires and your expansion is, therefore, eternal. And so you may begin to relax if, in this moment, there is something you desire that has not yet come to fruition.” Well, that is a powerful message here.

This reminds me of something I once heard, I believe it was from a book, so many years ago, I cannot remember which book. But there was a particular book though, that spoke in specific about the nature of desire. And a lot of people, it seems, they have this perspective, that you can’t even say that you want something, or you can’t say that you desire something because that this would somehow indicate lack., and therefore your vibrational essence not be in alignment with that which you desire or want because you’re reflecting lack, but that’s not necessarily true.

And this feels important here because this kind of thinking is about… It’s really getting hung up in logistics. It’s getting hung up in intellect, which is not the true deepest power source of where your desired manifestations flower open from into manifestation to begin with, which is your heart, your heart-level Self. It is your connection with Source within you, your true inner being, your true inner core, inner substance, infinite inner supply. That is the place which your desires manifest from. And so it’s not an intellectual process, in other words. So to get hung up in terminology like, “Okay, I can’t say ‘desire.’ I can’t say ‘want.’ That means lack…” That’s not necessarily true. And so I just want to clear that up because it seems like such a big deal and source of needless confusion (and distraction), for so many people.

The truth is, that it is really about the FEELING that you’re coming from. You can say you “want” something, you can say you “desire” something. You can even say, “This thing that I ‘desire’ is already on its way to me now.”

Which is a pretty common approach that many people have seen success with. But then there are some others that, again… Getting so intellectually tangled up in the process, that get so stuck at that level that, again, it’s getting hung up in logistics.

And so I do want to say, it’s not about the “words,” per se. It’s not only about the words that you use. It’s about the place you’re coming from. It’s about the feeling. So if you say, “I want this, I desire this. This is on its way to me now.” That’s not necessarily an affirmation that you’re not in alignment with already having it now, because it’s so important to FEEL the connection, to FEEL the FEELING of already having what you desire now, as though you already have it.

So when it comes to this whole thing about how some may say, “Well, if you say that you want it, or you desire it, or it’s on its way to you, well, that must mean that it’s not here yet, that you’re not in alignment with having it now,” it is important to remember that, it’s not about the words. It’s about the feeling. It’s about the place that you’re coming from within yourself.

So no matter whether you’re saying, “I ‘desire’ this, I ‘want’ this. It’s on its way to me now,” it’s about the FEELING. You can FEEL it as though you have it now and use any of those combination of words. There’s no need to get hung up in the logistics of it or tangled up on the level of intellect about it. It’s about the FEELING that you feel no matter what your words happen to be.

A perfect example of this is exactly in how sometimes we can say the “perfect words.” Oh, we word our affirmations so perfectly, so eloquently, so amazingly. And the words are spectacular, right? Some may even go to great lengths to avoid using certain words such as, “want” or “desire.” And yet, sometimes when desired manifestations don’t arrive, then some might start thinking or making assumptions that affirmations or that concepts such as the law of attraction, etc., don’t work.

It really is about the place you’re coming from. So whether your words match or don’t match what someone else’s opinion of your words should be when forming and speaking forth your chosen affirmations, it is always about the feeling. It is your feeling that is your strongest point of attraction, and there are power in your words, this is true, but it is your FEELINGS that POWER your words.

It is your feeling that powers your affirmations. It is your feelings that power what it is that you are speaking forth and intending into your life and into manifestation.

And you may have heard this said, and it is so true and so powerful, that it is, “Feeling that is the secret.”

Feeling is the secret.

So it is about the feeling, the feeling that you are coming from, within yourself, in anything that you say or intend. And whether you even speak it out loud, or think it in your mind, or not, you can FEEL IT as a feeling powerfully and manifest it just because you felt it powerfully as a feeling, because it is feeling that is the secret.

And because it is the FEELING of it that is your strongest point of attraction and the strongest essence of it when expressing your desired manifestations into your reality.

There’s another book that this has reminded me of, I don’t recall the title, perhaps you know? And this also being about the true nature of desire. That desire, it really isn’t just simply the wanting of something. That the essence of a desire you are feeling, is Life, The Universe, God, Spirit, Source, the Divine, whatever name you wish to call it, The Higher Power, The One Loving Source of All Life – That true “desire” is this Divine Presence, the very Essence of the All That Is, Universe, the Divine itself within you, desiring to experience the fulfillment of that desire through you. And that being what has placed the desire within your heart to begin with.

And therefore you may have heard that every desire holds within it the seeds for its manifestation, the seeds for its fruition.

So in this too, desire, when you feel a desire within your heart, that is really the very presence of the thing itself. The desire is the very essence of the thing itself. Therefore the DESIRE itself IS the thing itself, the substance of it itself, the MANIFESTATION itself, beginning to EMERGE THROUGH YOU into EXPRESSION (aka “Manifestation”).

It is the Divine seeking fulfillment of that desire THROUGH YOU.

“Desire” is not just the wanting of that which you desire. The “wanting” of something, as in “mentally-wanting” something is not the same experience – See, therein lies the difference – There’s a difference between mentally-wanting something, and then actually feeling pure desire for something which is feeling that within your body, feeling the full connection with what it is that you desire, feeling the full connection and the essence of the “havingness” of the thing, whatever it may be.

There’s a difference between THAT, and then a mental-level, intellectual wanting or desiring of something. A “mental desire,” or an “intellectual desire,” that is very different. A mental-desire or an intellectual-level desire (a “head-space desire”), that’s not necessarily always connected with the Source-desire, presence, connection, feeling the fullness of being within your grounded space of body, feeling and knowing the full embodiment of having it and of the havingness of it.

To clarify on that, so in this, whenever you are feeling a heart-level desire within you for anything, it is really the thing itself trying to express through you. To express and flower through you into manifestation, into creation, into fruition, into your physical reality, into your field of physical perception where you can see it.

Because ultimately everything has already been created into infinity in advance. Everything that you could ever hope or wish for or desire has already been given, all infinite possibilities. They’ve already been given in advance. And in fact, they’re already manifested into infinity. So they’re already here. They’re already present with you infinitely at all times. Anything that you could ever want and more, and infinite All-Good, for that matter, is already right here with you, timelessly present at all times. Throughout all time.

Come to recognize the true essence of desire for what it really is. The thing itself, desiring to flower through you into expression. The Universal Life Presence itself, whatever name you wish to call it and feel most comfortable with – it’s not about the name, it’s about the presence, the essence, of this Higher Divine Goodness – wishing to live and feel the joy in experiencing the fulfillment, the fruition of this essence, of this thing, through you.

And having this understanding, this awareness, can also make it that much easier to experience your desired manifestations. When you realize that it’s an even larger part of you that is connected with and as Source itself, wishing to experience that flowering of desire, of fruition, through you, as you.

You are a unique vibration and a unique individualization of Source, of the One Life, of the All That Is, of the All Infinite Good. Ultimately in your true identity, you are already One with the field of infinite possibilities. That’s who you really are. And there is this greater, grander, more expansive part of you wishing to flower through you even now, and to experience life through and as you in full expression.

Look upon your desires as being within you for a reason and recognize that your desires are really one and the same as the manifestation, because whenever you feel desire for something and you feel that within your body, grounded within your body, you feel that desire for something, it is really the energy, the essence of that thing that you desire being birthed through you, into creation, into your physical reality. It is really being expressed through you from your inner most being, flowering open into manifestation in a way that you can see it, feel it, touch it, experience it with your physical senses.

And that is also one and the same with Source experiencing the joy, the pleasure, the positive feelings, the goodness of that through you in physical form. And in fact, you already are Source expressing itself in physical form through you. And so it’s the same with your desires. And just because something that you desire has not shown up for you in a physical way, that you can see it yet, it doesn’t mean that it won’t be. It’s already here. It’s already with you. It’s simply a matter of allowing it to flower through you.

I’m reminded of another quote here as well, along the line of, “Choose a thought. Imagine that it has just happened. Allow yourself to feel excited about it.” Now, imagine yourself doing this and feeling those good feelings within you, knowing that those good feelings, the desire, is the thing itself emerging through you, flowering through you into creation.

If you’ve had any “stuck” desires, really it’s like those desires, they’re already there. They’re already fulfilled, but it’s like the expression of them has been stuck within the birth canal of your heart, your energetic system, so to speak. And as you bring your awareness to this and you recognize the nature of desire, what it really is, what it really means, and that it is the thing itself, and you can allow yourself to open up, expand, open, and allow both (and this is important), the emergence of the desire to flower through you into manifestation, as well as allowing yourself to expand, open wider and wider, beyond any resistance that you may feel.

And that resistance can be any form of feeling that doesn’t feel good to you, the opposite of what you desire, any kind of emotion that feels unpleasant to you, in other words. Any feeling that feels unpleasant to you is quote/unquote “resistance.” Any fear about having what you want or what it might entail, or “side effects in physical reality” of what would happen or what may happen, were you to get your desire. Anything that you feel has held you back, and then expanding around it, like expanding through it is better said. Expanding through it and allowing this openness to just expand more and more and more and more until you have successfully allowed those stuck emotions and feelings to flow out of your body into healthy, emotional expression, and to dissolve back to love, which creates a wide open, clean, clear space for what you desire to come emerging through you and flowering your desires right along with the freedom that you’re now experiencing from whatever was once causing you to feel stuck, that had been keeping that “desire,” the thing itself, from fully emerging and flowering through you.

Let’s go ahead and pull a “Heart Thoughts” card. We’re going to pull a positive affirmation card from the Louise Hay “Heart Thoughts” cards.

So let’s look in and see what divine inspiration wants to come through for you here now. “I deserve joy.” You deserve joy, my treasured friend. “I deserve to be prosperous. I deserve love. I deserve joy.” You deserve to be prosperous. You deserve love. You deserve joy. Internalize that now. Internalize this truth now. Any kind of thoughts or beliefs or things that have held you back in the past, limited thoughts, limited ideas, the opinions of others, fears, the list goes on… All of those things originally… They affected you because you internalized them. You can release those beliefs, those limited beliefs. You can let those thoughts go. You can connect with the part of yourself, that is transcending belief for that matter. Yes, we can change our beliefs. We can release old, negative, limiting beliefs and instill positive, new, uplifting, wonderful beliefs. And we can also transcend the whole level of belief itself…

It’s not even required that you believe that you, “have your desire” or that you’re even, “going to get it.” What’s necessary is, one, that you are not believing the opposite. That you’re not disbelieving it. And, two, that you are allowing an opening for the possibility of what you desire to flow through you and to manifest, but you don’t actually have to, you’re not required to “believe it,” in order to manifest it or to have a chance to manifest it. Because ultimately it’s about being at one with the essence of it. And again, that transcends belief, the whole level of thought and belief. It’s that part of you that is behind all thought. And it is that part of you that is behind all thought, including behind all belief, that is “experience.” It’s a field of awareness, where you are that field of awareness, where you are already one with your every heart’s desire and with the most expansive love of all. Where you have it all and you can create or flower spontaneously anything that you desire into your experience of physical reality.

And yes, you deserve joy. You deserve love, you deserve prosperity, but you are also one with love. You are also one with joy. You are made of joy. You are made of love. You are made of infinite possibilities. You are made of all things good. And you are one with infinite prosperity, infinite abundance. That is your true nature. And when you’re in this recognition of yourself, as awareness, as the awareness, the consciousness, in behind all thought, in behind all belief, you’re not trying to make yourself, “believe something” that you don’t believe is true in order to try to manifest it. You’ve risen above and expanded beyond that level.

You have expanded into the full, grounded embodiment of your true identity as the field of infinite possibilities, of All Good. Yes. Where you’re already one with your every heart’s desire, into infinity. And with the most expansive love and joy and abundance and prosperity and well-being and all things good of all. And in spiritual truth, your every heart’s desire has already been given in advance. Your every answered prayer has already been answered in advance. It’s just a matter of allowing the flowering of it to flourish through you, to open yourself to what you desire and allow it to flower… Is the true essence of it…

So all right. Thank you so much for joining me here for this time of divine inspiration. And I do hope that you have found it of divine inspiration. And if you have, please do remember to like, comment, share, subscribe, click the bell to receive notification of future video uploads and updates, and if you’re already a current subscriber, thank you so much. I truly love and appreciate you very much, and I truly cherish and treasure deeply having you in my life and spending this time of divine inspiration and divine insight with you.

All right, so thank you so much. And I wish you many beautiful blessings and that you continue expanding open through all resistance, letting that resistance dissolve back to the space of love, and allowing yourself to continue expanding open to receive the flowering of your every heart’s desire, with the full knowing that Source is always continuing to answer your desires, and that Source has already answered all of your desires and is just lovingly timelessly awaiting patiently your receptivity, your receipt of them, your openness to allow them to flower through you.

And again, internalizing this truth deep within your heart and soul. “I deserve joy.” You deserve joy. “I deserve to be prosperous. I deserve love. I deserve joy.” You deserve to be prosperous. You deserve love. You deserve joy. You deserve all things good. And you deserve to recognize and become fully aware and expand, fully open, into the wholeness of the truth of your Oneness with Source, with the source of All Good, with Source AS THE “source” of All Good, in other words… So again, thank you so much, and I wish you many beautiful blessings.

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