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Video Transcript:

Welcome to Allowing Flowering, which is all about embodying your true identity as the field of infinite possibilities, where you’re already One with your every heart’s desire, and with the most expansive love of all.

Thank you so much for joining me here for this time of Divine inspiration. You’ve intuitively attracted the watching of this video for a reason. So, let’s find out why. Pulling from the bottom of the deck. “I do not need to monitor my thoughts.” “Rather than trying to monitor your thoughts, pay attention to how you feel.” Pay attention to how you’re feeling. “For if you should choose a thought, not in harmony with your broader intentions, you will feel the discord, and then you can redirect your thought to something that feels, and therefore serves you better.”

We’re going to also pull a card from the Louise Hay, “How to Love Yourself” cards. Positive affirmation cards. So, let’s see what message wants to come through here for you as well, your positive affirmation. What positive affirmation is most right for you at this time? Let’s see what the Divine wants to send through for you. Pulling from the bottom of the deck. “I help create a world where it is safe for us to love each other.” “Love is the most powerful healing force there is. I give it and accept it without limitation.”

The predominant feeling that comes through intuitively with this combination of messages here just feels like this oceanic current of love, washing through all of your thoughts and just creating this beautiful sense of loving feeling state. A loving state of being that is your True Self, your true essence.

And this with not needing to monitor your thoughts, that would be a really tedious type of function, trying to monitor your thoughts. And that certainly could risk keeping you stuck in head space, which, whenever you bring your head space, your focus, your awareness down into unity with your space of heart, you feel the sense of balance. You feel that balance point that is the opening to this moment of now, to the Divine Presence, to the Oneness that you share with All of Life, and to your Oneness with all infinite possibilities therein. The moment of now is really a gateway to All That Is, to all infinite possibilities, to all infinite good, and to all that you desire.

When you can pay attention to how you feel, you may notice a thought in your mind, or you may not, but either way, dropping your attention down from your head space into your body, really feeling a connection with your own inner womb space within your own sense of connection with the lower half of your body, the lower chakras in your body, feeling that connection with your legs, with your feet touching the earth, the ground, feeling that solid ground of support, and the ever-solid ground of your being there supporting you, this can bring you into an awareness of your body — and it’s interesting too, because it can transcend sometimes even the whole level of something that you may be thinking or you may be feeling. It’s like a way of getting to that connection with yourself that’s in behind all thought, in behind all feeling.

So if you are feeling something that doesn’t feel in resonance with what you desire to feel, if it’s a feeling that doesn’t feel good to you, connecting with your body in itself where the feeling is can actually help bring relief. Because if we are making a mental assessment, logically or from an intellectual standpoint of noticing that you feel something, but you’re not in connection with your body, you’re feeling out of connection with your body, then it’s like that feeling can feel mentally pressed down and trapped in your body. But whenever you connect your awareness into your space of inner body, you allow that feeling room for healthy emotional expression and room to flower open.

And so, that can mean if it’s a feeling that doesn’t feel good, then that flowering is a release of it.

And if you happen to feel something that feels good to you, then that flowering is the release that connects you back into a deeper feeling of the havingness of the desire. It’s like it flowers open that desire even more fully for you, with “desire” being not just an intellectual wanting out of lack, but the essence of desire being the thing itself. And the Universe, Life, Spirit wishing, the Divine wishing to flower that thing, that experience through you. And what this also feels like here too, is really understanding the importance and the value of creating a safe, loving space for all of your feelings, including the ones that don’t feel good to you.

Whenever you can notice how you’re feeling and what track you’re on, you don’t have to stay stuck there. And one of the ways to free yourself from that, from feeling stuck there, is to authentically acknowledge how you really feel and not make it wrong. No matter how unpleasant the feeling may feel, that you’re being loving to yourself. And that means even if you’re feeling something like outright anger, or rage, or even hatred for that matter, feelings that society has largely frowned upon, and that certainly a lot of spiritual circles have frowned upon. We’re also not talking about taking “action” out of your feelings, we’re talking about the inner process of owning your feelings with love. And what happens whenever you respond to a feeling of anger within yourself, if you respond to that feeling of anger, rage, or hatred being felt within you, with Love, with a response of Love, can you feel that? Can you feel how the love just takes over?

And you are free within that love.

There’s so much power in this because you’re healing those emotions with love. You can’t resolve negative emotions by stuffing them down, and there are many unhealthy perspectives in the world, in certain spiritual circles, and in many religious systems of thought, that abide by and perpetuate the lovelessness of suppressing and denying your true feelings, to just quickly scramble to suppress your authentic feelings that do not feel good, and in some cases, to attempt to force positive thinking, and force happy face stickers over top of how you really feel. And that does absolutely nothing to change your point of vibration, your point of attraction, or your point of creation, and it actually doesn’t do anything to heal you or your feelings.

So, whenever you can respond to how you really feel with love, no matter what it is, knowing that your feelings are valid, and you have the right to feel them and authentically express them fully and freely, you are healing lovingly and honoring your true heart and soul, your true spirit.

You do have the right to your feelings, to feel your feelings, and your feelings are valid, and that also doesn’t mean you have to stay stuck within them. It doesn’t mean you have to keep holding on to feeling bad. You can love yourself back to feeling better.

And you’re creating a safe, loving space for you and in the world, because as you do this, as you heal yourself within yourself, this is felt and is making a positive contribution to All Life from the inside of you, from the inside out, powerfully even more so are you expressing healing to All as you heal from the inside core of your innermost being in this way. So, you are creating that safe, loving space for you, for how you really feel, and it is bringing yourself and the world, all creation, all existence, back into a state of Healed Wholeness.

“Love is the most powerful healing force there is.” “I give it and accept it without limitation.” Uncaging yourself. This is love setting you free out of this cage of limited thinking, limited thoughts about yourself and about what’s possible for you in your life and what you can create, and with your desired manifestations. This is allowing the power of love, the limitless power of love to set you free and create more love and safety in your world. In your world, and in the world. Really, truly allowing the love within you, that is loving you at all times from the innermost depths of your deepest core, to flow outwardly, to flower open and heal every part of you and restore you back to the wholeness of love that is the truth of who you really are.

And as you find yourself entering into this awareness, this state of being that is your natural state, you find that feeling, that knowing, that awareness, that absolute beingness as the field of infinite possibilities that is the most expansive love of all. Who you really are.

There is a powerful message here, very much so, of really being good to yourself, loving yourself, being true to yourself, and those are not just clichés. Whenever you take those literally to heart, there’s so much power in that for you.

One of the things about quote/unquote “clichés” is that what makes it a “cliché,” is that a cliché becomes a cliché oftentimes whenever it’s a powerful message of wisdom that becomes casually conceptualized, rather than a direct experiential awareness or feeling of the truth of it in the moment. And so, if you can embody even something that sounds great, but it seems like a cliché, when you really embody it, you’re going to feel the power and the support of that that’s there for you, the nourishment emotionally of that, that is there for you. And that’s yet another way of loving yourself.

So, to recap, summarize here. Love is setting you free. You’re setting yourself free. With the limitless love within you, that you are allowing yourself to know and feel the truth that you are deeply loved from within at all times. Creating that healthy, emotional space, that loving, safe, emotional space for yourself. Setting yourself free to be you.

Not being caged within the prison of the intellect, or stuck in old paradigms of limited thinking. And so oftentimes what is connected with paradigms and patterns of limited thinking happens to be suppressed emotions. And whenever you can connect with how you authentically feel, feel those feelings, and allow love to flow through them and wash through them in every part of you, you heal yourself. You make a healing contribution to the world, as the icing on the cake, and you return yourself back to a better feeling state, as well as a place of greater empowerment to move forward in your life.

Choosing consciously, choosing from that place of empowerment, what you desire to create in your life, and with love. Noticing how you feel and responding with love is the message here. Allowing this powerful healing current of love, that is the most powerful force in existence, receiving this love without limitation, just pouring through your being on all levels. And you find yourself in this state where you can feel the truth that every part of you is loving every part of you, and you are whole.

The world and beyond, infinite possibilities are yours. And you create that loving safety for yourself from within by recognizing that it is love that forms your very core. And again, that this Love is the Divine, which is loving you at all times and is the ultimate source of love, of all things good, and the supreme source of the utmost safety and security, within the eternal arms of love. And this is all within the true spiritual heart that is the real you, and in your innermost core.

So, all right. Thank you so much for joining me here. And please do remember to like, comment, share, subscribe. Click the bell to receive notification of future video uploads and updates. And if you’re already a current subscriber, thank you, very much. I truly love and appreciate you very much, and I cherish and treasure deeply having you in my life.

So again, thank you so much, and I wish you many beautiful blessings and many beautiful allowing of flowerings of all of the boundless infinite good that you desire for yourself in your life.

Discover a new depth of emotional healing, heal your emotions and your natural ability to receive so that you can allow an effortless flow of your true heart’s desires into creation.

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