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You Are “The Opening” To Infinite Manifestations & Infinite Good ~ You Are Already Naturally Receptive To All Good

Video Transcript:

Welcome to Allowing Flowering, which is all about embodying your true identity as the field of infinite possibilities, where you are already One with your every heart’s desire, and with the most expansive love of all. Thank you so much for joining me here right now for this time of divine inspiration.

You have intuitively attracted the watching of this video for a reason. So let’s find out why. What divine message does your higher mind want to share with you right now?

“I see myself attracting harmonizing intent.” “I see myself attracting only those in harmony with my current intent. And I am getting clearer and clearer in every moment about what it is that I want. It matters not what others are choosing. What is important is that I am pleased with me and as I see myself. I certainly am.”

Alright. Let’s also look in and see what positive affirmation most wants to come through for you right now in this moment. What is right for you in this moment?

“I am open and receptive to all good.” “I deserve to live in an atmosphere of joy and acceptance.” And this feels … Just there’s this feeling of really when you are in alignment with Source within you, when you know that you are One with and as Source, pure Source energy, you feel 100% good feelings. Now that doesn’t mean that you’re not human and you don’t have human emotions anymore. It means that when you’re in alignment with Source, it brings good feelings. It’s harmonized with good feelings because Source itself is 100% good feelings.

And attracting good into your life, being open to receive all good and allowing it in, you can be in that place of this instantaneously and simultaneously through your connection with Source, by being in alignment with Source. And it is actually through your alignment with Source that you become the opening for what you desire to flower through you into creation and show up in your physical reality.

Are you willing to be a clear channel for what it is that you desire?

It is said so often in so many different ways that we can only experience truly what we desire, that which we are willing to allow to be expressed through us, in other words. And the message here, it feels that, this is about opening up and allowing yourself to be that openness that is your connection with Source itself. That’s your connection with all of life in itself and allowing yourself to be open to receive infinite good.

You are already One with your every heart’s desire. And when you open up and allow your true connection with your True Self, which is your connection and Oneness with Source, you recognize and can feel that awareness within yourself, that within your inner most emotional landscape indwells infinite possibilities for all of the good that you could ever desire into infinity.

So this is really about not so much, “Okay, how do I get this to manifest? How do I make this manifest?” as it is about which, therein lies the solution, in that are you willing to open right now in this moment and allow yourself to be open and receptive to all good? To allow it in now? Are you willing to open now as that fullness of goodness and allow it to flower in expression into your life?

Because what you desire can most easily reach you the more open and willing that you are to truly let it in and let it through and allow it to be expressed and flower through you. All infinite good is here. There is an opening in the eternal present moment of now for all infinite good.

Infinite good is always… already always flowing to you in every given moment as this moment of now. So it’s really a matter, are you willing to let it in now? Are you willing to allow it to flower through you right now in this moment? And it is yours…

When you have emotionally-received it on the inside first, this is one-and-the-same, receiving the emotional essence of it, the feeling of it, right now in this moment… Is one-and-the-same with the manifestation.

You are open and receptive to all good, to harmony, to peace. And this is a state of the ultimate state of harmony, when you’re in this place of receptivity to all good. It’s such a beautiful, good feeling. The ultimate joy and you deserve to live in an atmosphere of joy and acceptance in this harmony and goodness.

And again, it’s all here for you all right now. It’s simply a matter of allowing it in and allowing it to flower through you into your experience right now, where you can see it.

So, alright, thank you so much for joining me here. And I do hope that you found this helpful and inspirational. And if you do find this content inspirational, please do remember to like, comment, share, subscribe, click the bell to receive notification of future video, uploads and updates. And if you’re already a current subscriber, thank you very much. I truly love and appreciate you very much, and I truly cherish and treasure deeply having you in my life.

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So, alright, thank you so much. And I wish you many beautiful blessings and many beautiful allowing of flowerings of all of the good that you desire in your life. This harmony and joy, and acceptance, and love, and all good, as the field of all good, which is who you really truly are. And as you accept this goodness, you accept the goodness that you are. So, alright, thank you so much and blessings.

Are you ready to open the floodgates of love, abundance, and all of your heart’s desires?

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