Instant Manifestation - How to Manifest Your Desires
Conscious Manifestation

Why Placing Your Inner Connection With Source First, Creates An Opening For Instant Manifestation

It is possible to be so connected, so aligned, so at One with Source within you, that in many cases you may experience instantaneous, or “near instantaneous” manifestation. 

The ultimate form of “being true to yourself,” is to BE your TRUE SELF, which is your inner connection with Source, where you are infinitely and eternally One with, and AS, Source.

This is what it means to find the place within you where anything is possible.

Because you are connected, and at One with the Source of All-Good, realized as Self.

This is the point in consciousness, the point in awareness, that you become conscious of the fact that the field of infinite possibilities is interwoven within the very fabric of your inner emotional landscape.

The point in which you become aware that you are One with, and AS, the field of infinite possibilities.

And that the field of infinite possibilities, is your True Identity. Your True Self… The most real and authentic “YOU.”

As All-Existence itself; as a state of total All-Inclusive Love.

Which is also the state, of ultimate freedom.

The freedom to be. The freedom to express. The freedom to create. The freedom to spontaneously flower manifestations to life from the very essence of your beingness. 

From the unique space of being that is your most genuine Identity.

The question is… Can you open yourself up so much TO YOURSELF – To your INNERMOST BEING – To your True Inner Divine Self that is One with and As Source… WILL you​,​ open yourself up so wide and ​full and ​expansively to your True Inner Identity​ -​ that is so vast and limitless, that ​is ​the ​fullness of ​infinite spaciousness that holds within it all possibilities, where you are already One with your every heart’s desire into infinity​ -​ and ​A​llow yourself to fully accept and ​thoroughly RECEIVE your most Authentic Self at this level, so purely, so fully, with​​ arms​ so ​outstretched, that it completely flowers through your heart ​from the inside ​and blooms forth as the field of All-Good THROUGH YOU, ​AS YOU,​ from the innermost depths of your core?

This isn’t JUST about attempting to manifest something that you desire.
It’s about ALLOWING what you desire to FLOW INTO your field of physical perception, from within you.

And “Allowing,” is in essence a state of ACTIVELY “EMOTIONALLY” RECEIVING what it is that you desire.

You are Allowing yourself to FEEL the essence of your desire awash throughout your emotional-insides.

And this is also about SELF-ACCEPTANCE. “Self” Acceptance​​…. 

The “Acceptance” of yourTRUE DIVINE SELF.


The Receiving of your TRUE SELF.

It is about Receiving and LIVING AS, your TRUE IDENTITY.

Your True Identity as the field of infinite possibilities, and knowing that this is who you REALLY are.

It’s about accepting your most authentic Self-Identity.

Placing your Connection with Source Within You, FIRST and FOREMOST, even above your intention to manifest something that you desire, is so powerful, and so important, because it is the foundation of both you having a solid connection with Your True “Source-Connected” Self Within You (Your True Identity), and also, because your most successful manifestation FLOWS from this foundation of Inner Connection.

And it is this INNER FLOW STATE of manifestation that is most powerfully experienced, felt, and known – as you *FEEL* this Inner Connection that is your True Identity as the field of infinite possibilities – that has the power to spontaneously (and sometimes even, instantly!) flower your heart’s desires into manifestation, in the easiest, most effortless, joyful, Divinely-perfect way, for the highest good of you, and for the highest good of All.

Further, the more connected that you are with and as Source within you, as the field of All-Good, the higher your state of PURE ALLOWING. 

You are allowing a clear, clean, open space of pure freedom to receive, and thus you are in a HIGHLY manifestive state, with your natural magnetism powerfully activated.

You are a magnet for attracting and drawing in your desired good (along with even more blessings of goodness to bring your heart happiness!) from the field of Infinite Good within you, which Source within your heart deep down into your core, FLOWERS THROUGH you, “Sourced” from WITHIN your Inner Connection, to then BLOOM beautifully into your field of physical perception, aka, into your experience of physical reality.

As you place your connection with your Inner Source (your True Identity as the field of infinite possibilities and as the One Inner-Spaciousness of All-Good) Within You, FIRST and FOREMOST, you open yourself to instant (or near instant!) manifestation, because you have BECOME the essence of instant manifestation.


​The pure Being-ness that you Are.

This is also what it means to be open to receive it now, and to know that it is possible for what you desire to joyfully spring to life and flower up beautifully for you at any given moment.

And to know that this is so, because you are Already One with it.

That you are One with Receiving it.

That you are One with Having it.

That you are One with the pure Being-ness of it.

Which is a state of pure bliss. 

Oceanic, All-Inclusive Love and pure Havingness of it All.

The measure of how much good that you allow into your life, that you can allow yourself to accept and to receive into your emotional-insides, is in direct measure to how willing you are to surrender open as the Universe itself and beyond into infinity. (Which is your true natural state.)

Know that as you expand open into the wholeness of bliss into All-ness, if any part of you may begin to feel uncomfortable feelings arise – continue expanding open, with the deeper understanding that such feelings are RESISTANCE to that which you desire and to fully owning and claiming who you really are at a higher level, that are showing up for healing release. 

Know that any uncomfortable feelings that may surface, happen to be resistance that is now beginning to dissolve into the Light of Openness which is Love, that these uncomfortable feelings are experiencing transmutation by the higher consciousness of who you really are as the field of Infinite-All-Good; and that these feelings are being transmuted by your higher awareness of your Oneness with Source and with your every heart’s desire.

Stay OPEN through all feelings of resistance – through all uncomfortable feelings (emotional constriction), to enable those feelings to begin to dissolve, to free yourself from them – and to free those feelings into a state of healing wholeness.

Resistance is really emotional constriction, which is the opposite of the natural openness that is Allowing – it is a state of “Non-Allowing,” or disallowing.

So continue expanding open through any unpleasant feelings that you may be feeling, until you have expanded open wide enough, and fully enough, that you can truly FEEL the deeper reality of the All-Encompassing Truth that is All-Inclusive Love, All-Inclusive Comfort, All-Inclusive Joy, All-Inclusive Bliss, and All-Inclusive Peace, Inner Assurance, and the Iron-Clad, Beyond Rock-Solid Inner-Knowing of your true spiritual core as the One Power, the One Truth, as the One “I AM” Presence, as your True Identity as the One Quantum Field Itself, of All-Good, of Infinite Possibilities, where you are already One with your every heart’s desire already given in advance, timelessly, eternally, into infinity. 

Where you have fully realized yourself as the One Love, and you can feel the truth – that you Already Have it All, simply by being the presence and essence that you already are, and that this is always eternally true of who you really are in your true nature, in your true identity, where instant manifestations abound, and YOU ARE THE OPENING for Instant Manifestation.

Would you like to discover even more positively life-changing spiritual secrets to fully connect with your True Power as a “manifesting magnet” and turbo-charge the law of attraction to deliver your heart’s desires with speed and precision?

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