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Slow Down To *SPEED UP* Manifestation ~ Feel The Timelessness of Your Being To Rapidly Manifest Your Desires

Video Transcript:

Welcome to Allowing Flowering, which is all about embodying your true identity as the field of infinite possibilities where you are already one with your every heart’s desire and the most expansive love of all. Thank you so very much for joining me here for this time of divine inspiration. You’ve intuitively attracted the watching of this video for a reason, so let’s find out why.

What divine insight, divine guidance, divine inspiration would like to come through for you here today, now? All right. “I can accept myself as a vibrational being.” “Once you begin to accept yourself as a vibrational being who attracts all things that come into your experience, once you understand the correlation between what you are thinking, feeling, and what you are receiving, you then hold the keys to get from wherever you are to wherever you want to be on all subjects.”

Really what this means is – vibrational being – your thoughts, your feelings, are vibrations, and ultimately, everything in life and in the universe and beyond is a vibration. This is a vibrational universe, and your thoughts, your feelings emit a certain frequency that “attract” other experiences that are on that same frequency or wavelength, so to speak. And as you deliberately, consciously, make that decision to choose your thoughts, you have the power to choose your thoughts…

That can seem so simple when you think about it and yet, look how common and widespread it is in the world where so many people live unconsciously. They live from the premise as though they don’t have the ability to choose their thoughts and that “things” are just “how they are” and yet, we all do have this power to choose our thoughts.

And you may have heard the phrase, “perspective is everything,” and this can be absolutely true and it absolutely applies here as well. You do have the power to choose your thoughts, to choose how you want to feel – And when you’re at that level of choice, you’re in a powerful position. I mean, this is natural of you. It’s not something that you have to try to contrive to get to.

If there’s resistance in the way, then it can seem like it’s difficult, but that’s the thing you can even choose to let go of the resistance. You can choose to be the natural truth of you, which you are the field of infinite possibilities to choose from what you desire to create in your life. You have this infinite, inner treasure trove of all things good within you, within your own inner emotional landscape to choose from. It’s already here within you.

So as you choose your thoughts… -It’s even more than just choosing your thoughts- It’s about knowing that whatever you desire is already yours and then you’re choosing from that in your life what you desire to experience and bring about in your experience.

One of the most powerful of this, in choosing your thoughts, is in knowing that this can even look like, say for example, something isn’t what you desire, and you can notice that, but you don’t have to accept it as true. You can notice that it appears to be true in the moment, but you have a higher knowledge that says, “I am going to choose what I do want. I’m going to allow what I do want to flower up in my life. I’m going to choose my own manifestations and allow them to happen in spite of this seeming appearance of the opposite of what I desire.”

And that’s also a great example of choosing your thoughts, of how you have the power to choose your thoughts. If you’re met with some obstacle or something that seems like a challenge or that’s different than how you want things to be, “Why, I notice that there, but I have the power. I know that this is showing up on the screen of space and through my thoughts and feelings and inner choices, I have the ability *to change* what is showing up on the screen of space.”

So you don’t have to be limited by what’s showing up in your experience of quote/unquote “physical reality” or the “screen of space” because you have the power to change it. You have the power to change what projections are showing up in your physical reality on this screen of space.

Again, by virtue of knowing that you have the power to do so, by knowing that you have the power to do this through the awareness, the expanded awareness, of who you really are in spiritual truth, and a big part of that is your ability to choose your focus, to choose your thoughts, to choose how you want to feel, to allow yourself to emotionally receive what it is that you desire right now in this moment.

The instant you give yourself this permission -And that’s what it’s really about, it’s about your permission. It may not seem that way, but it is. It absolutely is- In the instant you give yourself this permission to have what you desire, the instant you give yourself permission to emotionally receive it now, to emotionally receive the essence of your fulfilled desire now, you have received and it is yours. That is how you get that projection on the screen of space of physical reality to change to what you desire for it to change to, to be showing up as.

And you are finding that as you do so, you begin to see a remarkable correlation between your own inner choices for yourself of what you’re choosing for yourself and to allow to be in your experience, and what actually begins showing up in your life.

And when we say “attracting,” or that “you’re attracting it in,” ultimately everything you desire that manifests in your life is something that is being expressed through you. It’s already within you and it appears to show up on the outside, but that is because it’s mirroring back to you that which you have aligned with, that you have flowered up from within yourself into your experience.

But case in point -key point- it all comes from inside of you. It all comes from within you. And you are this infinite storehouse, this infinite treasure trove of all things good within you, and you are this goodness. This is who you really are, your true identity.

So let’s also pull a positive affirmation card. These are the “Heart Thoughts” cards here. “I flow with life.” “Divine order is ever-present in my life and there’s plenty of time for all that I choose to do.”

This brings me straight into this feeling, this remembrance, that feeling of connection with the present moment now and how so often there’s this, “got to rush, got to try to make this happen,” this urgency, just resistance of the present moment of now, thinking, “Well, it isn’t showing up right now, that it may not appear on the screen of space in the present moment,” what you’re desiring, and then trying to get from the present moment to some future moment. But every moment as it shows up, always shows up as a present moment of now, so it’s always the now. And whenever you shift to that place within yourself, allowing yourself to emotionally receive within you the essence of what you desire NOW in this moment, that’s when you see it showing up in what appear to be “future moments”. That’s when you see it showing up.

And you know what? Actually you see it showing up now because ultimately, when you make that shift, literally your spiritual eyes begin to see it, already having it. You have that spiritual vision of the knowingness of already having it even before it may be showing up on the screen of space, but that is how you get it to show up on the screen of space, and it’s about flow. This is about allowing.

So a very important key point, is that whenever you become present in the moment of now, you enter a state of All-Inclusive Love, you enter the magnetic-now-moment of infinite possibilities. The true “now,” is not limited to what we tend to think from a linear perspective.

What is the moment of now? It’s timeless presence. It’s the timeless field of all good, of all life, of all Universal Good. It is the flow of life that holds within it all infinite possibilities. In other words, you are this present moment of now. So as you embrace the present moment of now, you embrace yourself because you are the one now moment, you are the one eternal now moment in your true essence.

This state of true patience is not about waiting. You never want to be stuck in the energy of waiting because waiting is misalignment.

You hear this so often, people say they’ve been trying to manifest something for 30 years, and thinking that it’s “Divine Timing,” that something hasn’t happened and you know what? There can be truth to Divine Timing- That’s absolutely true, however, oftentimes what we come to think of or perceive as quote/unquote “Divine Timing” can actually be affected. It can be changed. It’s affected by our level of allowing what we desire or resisting it. It’s affected by whether or not we are truly open to receive it in the moment of now, whether it even seems like it’s anywhere near close to manifesting. That’s the thing, within this timelessness, as I always say, be open to receive it now. Live from the knowing, from the deep inner knowing within the depths of your soul, that it is absolutely possible for what you desire to manifest at any given moment and flower up beautifully in your life, to beautifully spring to life for you in any given moment.

And it is absolutely true that it is entirely possible for what you desire to manifest or begin manifesting at any given moment. Again, you get there through timelessness of the heart, a true patience. Again, it’s not “waiting” because waiting is the feeling that you don’t have it now, that you don’t have it, and you don’t want to be in that feeling. You want to get yourself into the place, choosing your thoughts wisely… It is about choosing your thoughts, but again, it’s even more than just about changing your thoughts. It’s about really allowing yourself to be aware of your true identity as the field of infinite possibilities, as the field of all good, as the most expansive love of all that holds within it all infinite possibilities and all good. When you’re aware of that, you’re in a place of total divine ease and you find that your manifestations become much easier to quote/unquote “manifest,” your desires begin manifesting more easily, more effortlessly, because guess what?

You’re not only flowing with life- You’re also that flow of life in itself. You are the flow of all infinite life in your true essence. This is about realizing that you actually get to that place of receiving what you desire and receiving it most effortlessly whenever you actually let go of trying to rush and urgently acquire what you desire and actually slow things down.

When you can slow down and just experience awareness itself, become very still and connect with that deep inner part of you that is simplicity itself, this divine simplicity itself, this ease, this flow, this eternal well-spring within you that is constantly, ever-replenishingly, blessing you with the flow of life itself.

And you find you can even feel it. You can feel your desires “manifesting” in “real-time,” (that being the present moment), you feel that activity there. Within this sense of stillness, within this sense of what you would think of as inactivity and inaction or non-action, that in fact, it’s very active and you’re actually accomplishing even more as a result.

It’s like that saying goes, of accomplishing more through “not doing” than in doing, or accomplishing more in “just being” rather than in doing. This is you allowing flowering of what you desire, and that’s why you’re accomplishing more in the “non-doing” or “not doing” of something because you are in a very powerful place “under the surface of all doing” and of all outer activity, and fully connected, aware, at-one with the beingness that spontaneously flowers your desires into being. That is a very powerful place to be.

And of course you have “plenty of time” whenever you recognize the true timelessness of life and reality, of true spiritual reality as timelessness, as a field of timeless love that holds within it all life, all infinite possibilities, all good, within this inner stillness within you, that you eternally are as a state of infinite love that is the divine itself. It’s actually by connecting with a feeling, a knowing, an awareness of timelessness in this moment now that you actually enable your desires to flow to you in your experience of time.

So, all right, thank you so much for joining me here for this divine inspiration. I do hope that you found this helpful and, well, divinely inspiring. If you have, please do remember to comment, like, subscribe, click the bell to receive notification of future video uploads and updates. And if you’re already a current subscriber, thank you so much. I truly love and appreciate you very much. You can also connect with me at where you can find eBooks, blog updates, and additional inspirational content, and you can also connect with me on social media- Facebook and Twitter.

Again, thank you so very much for joining me here, I wish you many beautiful blessings and allowing of the flowerings that you desire in your life.

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