Joyfully And Easily Manifest Your Desires. Discover Now What You Need To Know To Most Easily Allow The Law of Attraction To Work Effortlessly In Your Life To Bring You The Desires of Your Heart. Returning Home To The Wholeness of Love and Receiving Everything You Desire eBook.



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Awaken Your Unlimited Manifesting Power. Best-Seller eBook Shows How To Tune In With Ease With Your Natural Manifesting Power & Effortless Flow Of Manifesting To Express Super Easy Manifestations. Reunite With Your True Power As A Manifesting Magnet & Receive Unlimited Manifestations.

Reunite With Your True Power & Express The Most Fulfilling Version of You As You Joyfully Create The Life You Desire

Excerpt: “Inside of your physical body, within the infinite openness of your inner body spaciousness, is an invisible realm filled with love, light, beauty, Divinity, magic, miracles, infinite possibilities …and access to all desires fulfilled.”

As you merge back into union with the complete Wholeness that is the most expansive truth of who you really are, all that you desire begins just flowing naturally to you as a result.

Heal your mind and heart from the pain and limitation of “spiritual forgetfulness.” Begin your journey of healing from religious abuse – Including the religiously abusive ideas that both “spiritual” AND many “non-religious” people don’t even realize they’ve been unconsciously enslaved to and encapsulated by, and discover the Infinite Power, Soul-Freedom, Boundless Creativity, Unconditional Love Source, and Limitless Manifesting Power of the TRUEST Spiritual YOU, where you are forever ONE with the essence of Everything Good, and where manifesting the desires of your heart is not only “just” possible, it’s Natural… Effortless…

Spiritual Secrets For True Spiritual Freedom And Manifesting The Life You Desire, LOA, Discover Your Subconscious Mind Power And Create With It Consciously A Life of Goodness And Happiness.

Discover Spiritual Secrets For Manifesting Your Heart’s Desires Into Reality

Expand into your Authentic Wholeness of Being and RECEIVE all of the good you desire in your life. Learn how to live the joy of your answered prayer, where all that you could ever hope or ask for gracefully flows into your life easily and effortlessly, as if on the wings of angels.

Your Wholeness Is Beautiful, And Is A State of The Highest Love, Beauty, And Receptive Power To Attract All That You Desire.

Imagine having all of the desires of your heart finally coming true, free-flowing effortlessly to you on a sweet current of perfect grace… Having the things you so deeply long for in your life becomes so easy, truly effortless.

Your Wholeness is beautiful, and is a state of The Highest Love, Strength, Beauty, and Naturally Magnetic Receptive Power to attract all that you desire.

You feel so good that life is continually bringing you all that you desire, and so much more. You never knew it could be THIS easy. Open your heart and be willing to RECEIVE the abundance of love and blessings soon to come your way, as you have expanded open as your Truest Identity… The Solid Wholeness of Oneness, that you have found beautifully ever-present within the very essence of your being.

LOA Manifesting Secrets

Reunite With Your True Wholeness of Being & Receive All That You Desire

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Returning Home to the Wholeness of Love & Receiving Everything You Desire eBook

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The Most Effortless Secret to Success With the LOA - Law of Attraction and Joyfully Manifesting Your Desires, By Living As the Truest YOU.


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“Miracles happen as you surrender to the sweet peace inside of you that is your true “inner home.”

“Joyously believe in yourself, for when you do, you activate the Divine within you.”

“This is why Returning Home to the Wholeness of Love, richly and abundantly blesses you with the ability to receive all that you desire.

Because within the Wholeness that you are, everything that you desire, and more, is already here for you, lovingly, patiently, timelessly available for you to CHOOSE through your willingness to RECEIVE IT, in this moment right NOW.

Within the true Wholeness that you really are in spiritual truth, you will find infinitely flourishing, constantly ever-renewing, Lavish Abundance, overflowing in all directions. This Abundance, is the Fullness of Love, and it is ever-present inside of you.”

“Where contraction and shutting down/closing off to yourself are based in fear and create a sense of restriction, separation, and isolation… Openness and expansion are based in Love and create a sense of freedom, connection, and fullness of being that blooms you into your true, authentic Wholeness… Which is to know and experience your Oneness with God/Spirit/Your Loving Source.”

“Most, if not all, of the emotional pain and self-distortion that often takes place as a result of abusive experiences, completely dissolves back into the space of love, returned to you as emotional freedom through your own Presence of being, whenever you make the choice deep inside of yourself to love, accept, and approve of yourself exactly as you are ANYWAY.

Rather than falling into the common trap of perfectionism, demanding of yourself an unrealistic level of perfection that isn’t even humanly possible, and then living in bondage to this type of paradigm, instead, you choose to make full claim of the Wholeness of Love that you ARE.

As much of a challenge that it can be in the beginning, in the face of feeling such UNLOVE as a result of an abusive experience or situation, or whenever an emotional flashback arises, whenever you make the choice to internally respond to such “unlove” with the truth of SPIRITUAL LOVE—Your own WHOLENESS of YOU, you are giving to yourself the ultimate gift of LOVE. You are giving “You” back to YOU.”

“Accept yourself deeply and completely, and you regain the Wholeness that is the ultimate truth of you.”

“Notice also that Nature is incapable of judging you. It is unconditional. You share a Loving Oneness with Nature. Nature is completely absent of any judgment, and its unconditional acceptance and Oneness, you will find waiting there for you, at the deepest level, AS you.”

“Consciously” we perceive separation on the level of unique individualization, as we are all each uniquely individualized Wholeness. Uniquely individualized Oneness.

“Subconsciously,” we are all interconnected in unity within the One Love that is God, Spirit, Source, The Universe, whatever you wish to call it, that created us.”

“All mental straining, struggling, trying to push hard for something desired to happen, feeling a sense of lack, are all side-effects of the dissonance or mental-disconnection from your True Self (Wholeness).”

“Whenever you get the “energetics” of what you desire in alignment on an inner, internal level, the outer manifestation will take care of itself effortlessly. It is really a matter of getting the internal, energetic component in place first, and then the rest will be taken care of for you, so long as you allow it to be.”

“There is a subtle, yet powerful relationship always taking place between your conscious mind and your subconscious mind. Your conscious thoughts are like the rays of the sun that dance upon the reflective waters of your subconscious mind, and your subconscious mind reflects and mirrors back to you through feeling and experience that which it is given.”

“Through the relationship you share with your subconscious mind, you have access to your answered prayer that has already been answered before you even ask, you have access to this field of infinite possibilities, you have access to all of the good that you could ever desire.

Even if you don’t know HOW your prayer could possibly be answered, or how what you desire could ever happen, your subconscious mind DOES. Your subconscious mind is connected with infinite solutions.

It is through your intuition, through your subconscious inner resources, that God, Spirit, Source—whatever you wish to call it, speaks to you, and delivers your answered prayer.

Your answered prayers and the desires of your heart, have already been given in the truth of Spiritual Wholeness. You must only choose what you desire, accept it as true (that it has already been given) and allow the creative power of God, Spirit, Your Loving Source—that is already embedded within your subconscious mind—to take care of the rest.”

“With such natural creative potential available to you in every moment, that you will use either way, whether consciously or unconsciously, you may as well use it consciously to create good in your life and in the world.

What you imprint upon your subconscious mind (or consciously accept as true), it will naturally and automatically begin bringing to fruition in your life.”

“Your subconscious mind is really your friend. The subconscious faculties inherent within your system of Wholeness are truly a gift, and also a reflection of the unconditional Love that God/Spirit/Source has for you. This is why you have been given the free will to use your mind in any way that you choose. This is why you’ve been given the free will to choose for yourself what you would like to experience from the field of infinite possibilities—Why your every prayer has already been answered before you even ask.

This is why the design of your subconscious mind works the way it does, to reproduce and reflect back to you the nature of that which you impress upon it, or in other words, producing fruit (feelings, experiences and outcomes) for you in accordance with the type of SEEDS you choose to plant within its richly fertile soil.”

“This ACCEPTANCE of the content of your prayer or intention as already being true (the fact that in spiritual truth, it has already been given), provides the opening for your answered prayer to be expressed through you.

“In behind our level of human/physical consciousness and perception, is always a point where time is eternally standing still, a field of Timeless Love that we eternally are in spiritual truth.

The Loving Source that created you, the Eternal Stillness of Timeless Love that you are One with, is always rested right at the center of this moment of Now, which is positioned right at the center of your heart.”

“Faith is an intuitive perception, an intuitive AWARENESS of all that is physically unseen. Faith is an openness that enables us to experience a direct intuitive-knowing of, and relationship with, unseen realms of reality, and with the field of infinite possibilities where all prayers have already been answered in advance.

Faith isn’t “just” only belief, it is also a form of spiritual perception—faith is seeing with your “spiritual eyes.” Seeing with the eyes of your heart. Faith is a receptive state of awareness.”

“And faith brings fruit, because faith is the spiritual perception of your desired “fruit” already existing in invisible spiritual substance, that all infinite possibilities and all matter are formed from.”

“You are already NATURALLY connected with the Wholeness, with the oceanic presence of life, with the infinite ocean of Love that you are in spiritual truth, with infinite Love and infinite Abundance naturally flowing through your entire existence, whenever you are simply, “just being,” from a place of full-bodied awareness, in this natural state of open, free-flowing expansiveness, where your connection with your body is really a portal to the One Spirit that is Love infinitely flowing through you…

Notice how this awareness of being, in itself, is also, the very Presence of Life.

And how YOU ARE this Awareness of Being—The Awareness that is “aware” of itself, as the very Presence of Life.

Notice how this awareness of being that is your natural state, in behind all thought, naturally and organically emanates 100% good feelings in its purity.

And how you can intuitively sense inherent within your natural state of being, how good it feels to be already connected with infinite possibilities, with the field of all answered prayers that have already been answered before you even ask…

With this clarity of higher perception, you begin recognizing the field of infinite possibilities as inherent and already present within your own inner emotional landscape.”

“It is simply a matter for each and every one of us to be willing to RECEIVE what has already been so generously given—To be willing to RECEIVE and LET IN the all of the good that we desire, that the Divine has already given in spiritual truth.

And what naturally flows from your heart AS YOU RECEIVE, brings a joy so infinite and abundant to the heart of the Divine, that it is beyond all human understanding.”

“Whenever you are in a state of true patience (timelessness), you become a MAGNET to receiving all of the good that you desire. The power of Receptivity is the Openness of Love, which is the most magnetic force in Life.”

“Reuniting with the Wholeness of Love that you are in spiritual truth, does not remove your individuality, it enhances it, it adds unto you a new sense of expansive fullness and joyful richness of being.”

“Whether you call it God, Spirit, Source, Creative Love Power, the law of cause and effect, the law of attraction, or whatever you wish to call it, the Presence of Life is a field of loving, creative intelligence. And we are all One with this Power of Creative Love.”

“Love is the most powerful magnet, and you are that Love. Let the abundant good pour into your life starting right now.”

“As you toil not, the sweet ease, flow and grace of Divinity is found. Already naturally flowing through you.

As you surrender to the peace that you Are in spiritual truth, you surrender to the power within you to create anything that you desire.

A new serenity flowers within your heart and blooms within your soul as you relax within into the truth of Wholeness that is You.

So lean back into connection with the fullness of your true essence and inner power, the point at which you activate in your awareness your Oneness with the Divine within you.”

True Law of Attraction Secrets, Opening and Expanding Beyond All Limitation Into Infinite Freedom of Being--Into Infinite Freedom of Self--Into Infinite Freedom As SOURCE--As Life Itself. Powerful Manifestation Secrets.


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