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Rediscovering & Allowing Your Constant Stream of FULFILLED Heart’s Desires, Well-Being, & Joy

Video Transcript:

Welcome to Allowing Flowering, which is all about embodying your true identity as the field of infinite possibilities, where you are already One with your every heart’s desire, and with the most expansive love of all.

Thank you so much for joining me. So we are going to look in and see what divine guidance, divine insight, divine message wants to come through for you. Why have you intuitively attracted the watching of this video? You’re here for a reason, so let’s find out what that reason is.

What message are you intuitively attracting to yourself at this time right now? That card wants to pop out there, and let’s pull another one, also pulling from the bottom of the deck there. Okay, let’s see here. “I am rediscovering the art of allowing my natural well-being.” That is awesome. “We call this discipline the art of allowing. It is the art of allowing the well-being, which makes up every particle of that which you are, and that which you come from, to continue to flow through you, as you continue to be.”

That is a beautiful thing to be attracting. Alright, and we also have, “When my desires and beliefs are a vibrational match.” “That which is like unto itself is drawn. So the vibration of your being must match the vibration of your desire. Another way of saying that, is your desires and your beliefs must be a vibrational match in order for you to receive that which you desire.”

And here’s the thing, aligning back, rediscovering the art of allowing your natural well-being, aligning back with this truth of well-being within yourself, this natural essence of All-Is-Wellness within yourself that is ever-present within you at all times, just being connected with Source within you in this way, can create this experience of alignment with all of your desires simultaneously, if that makes sense.

We think, well, if I think about this, if focus on this, then I’ll be attracting this, and that can be true, and it is true, but a lot of times, and I’m sure you’ve noticed, it can be very common to be thinking about trying to focus on what you desire and you’re not really feeling the essence of it, you’re not feeling what it feels like to have it now and that really is oftentimes the missing secret when it comes to any kind of concepts of working with the law of attraction, conscious creation, manifestation, intentional deliberate manifestation, etc., and really any kind of intention. No matter what label that you put to it, it’s not about the labels, it’s about a natural creative process, it’s about the natural creative process that is already taking place within you 24/7, whether you’re conscious of it or you’re not conscious of it.

And it is about, again, really connecting with the feeling of what you desire and that’s so frequently missing in so many manifestive attempts and attempts at manifestation.

So in other words here, we’re seeing this, of you coming into alignment with your Source within you first. You’re allowing this natural well-being that is the ultimate truth of you, which is your alignment with Source. You’re allowing that, you’re allowing it first. And as you do this, there’s this magical essence of just pure blessing energy that seems to flow in as you do this, from Source itself, that, in that you really don’t even have to necessarily, “spend time trying to focus on what you desire,” such as, “Okay, well, let me do this -this arbitrary- let me think of the thought and then try to feel this feeling.” It’s like, you’re just there.

When you connect with Source within you and you allow this natural well-being, that’s the ultimate truth of you, you are just there and you find that oftentimes, many times, that what you desire automatically just starts flowing into your life.

And many times before you even had a chance to even consciously think about it, or consciously ask for it, or consciously intend it, you didn’t even have to set forth and say, “Okay, I want to create this, so now I’m going to sit here and I’m going to focus on this.” You didn’t even have to “zone in” or focus in on your thoughts consciously in order to bring it about. So case in point, when you’re in alignment with Source in this way within you, the energy just flows.

You find that your desires just begin effortlessly manifesting. And that is not to say that if you really want to think about something that you desire and focus upon it and feel the good feelings of it… You can do that if you choose to do that, but it’s important to know that what you’re desiring and what you believe is possible for you, that they are congruent, that they are in alignment.

So often we have seen this with focusing on something that is desired and then feeling that it’s not really possible or that – yes, sure is possible, but… or there’s some other element involved, some other belief in there, a limited thought that, “Oh, well, because of this other thing that needs to happen first, or there’s this other element that needs to be resolved, or there’s this situational factor that’s standing in the way,” and that’s the thing…

For Source, there’s nothing standing in the way. And ultimately you are a unique vibration, a unique individualization of the One Source, the One Love and that means that there’s nothing standing in your path. And if it looks like there is some situational factor, standing in your path, it does not have to be seen or perceived as an obstacle and it’s not an obstacle the instant that you realize that it’s not an obstacle.

That it doesn’t have to be, that it doesn’t have to change the manifestation or the effortless flowering of what you desire to happen in your life.

And in fact, you can even transcend the entire level of thought and belief and get in there behind to a higher level, a wider perspective where you can actually see in pure possibility, pure potentiality, what it is that you desire to manifest and see the purity of it. To not even have any kind of obstacle have to even be there because on the level of spiritual truth, it’s actually not there, there is no obstacle there, it’s just a clear open space, a clear open field for manifestation, for the flowering of what you desire. And whenever you are in this space, in your own perception, in behind the whole level of thought, in behind the whole level of belief – in a certain way, you actually don’t have to even try to believe or instill per se, the belief that something that you desire is true or already true because you recognize in behind that whole level of thought and belief that you are the field of infinite possibilities and that you are already One with what you desire.

So then as you allow this clear open space for what you desire, as you allow this clear open space of that which you are as the field of infinite possibilities, you’re thereby allowing the right conditions, the proper conditions for the spontaneous flowering of your desired manifestations. Now, ultimately you are One with Source. You are One with the essence of natural well-being. You are transcending beyond all limited beliefs, and in some cases, again, even expanding beyond the whole level of belief, which puts you right there, just pure perception, pure awareness, your pure Oneness with, and as, Source.

So lets go ahead and look into – oh, and by the way, the cards we were just looking at are, “Ask and it is Given,” in this particular version of that deck, and then we’re also going to look into the Louise Hay, “Heart Thoughts” cards. So let’s go ahead and see what positive affirmation wants to come through for you right now.

So pulling from the bottom of the deck, “I deserve joy.” “I deserve to be prosperous, I deserve love, I deserve joy.” You connecting with this joy-filled well-spring of natural abundance, natural well-being, natural connection with all things good, natural Oneness with Source that you are a unique expression of that is infinite joy. And out of this infinite joy come your most beautiful manifestations yet. It really feels here that it really wants to intuitively come through, that, because you are aligning back and allowing your natural well-being, because you are aligning back, you are becoming aware of your Oneness with, and as, Source. It feels like with this there is this simultaneous dissolving of entire clusters and groups of beliefs that have been limiting beliefs, standing in your path, holding you back, but no longer.

And as you align with this Source connection within you and put that first within you, not only are these limiting beliefs dissolving, but again, you’re transcending the entire level of belief as well, because whenever you’re connected in pure presence, pure essence, you are already One with everything that you desire and with the most expansive love of all. And when you’re in this place and manifesting from this place, it’s just an organic, spontaneous flowering of what you desire.

There’s no effort, no “straining, or trying, or struggling, or trying to make something happen.” You’re just in pure allowing and you’re allowing this pure essence of who you really are. The joy that you are.

Internalize the truth. “I deserve joy.” You deserve joy, you deserve to be prosperous, you deserve love. You deserve joy, you deserve all things good because you deserve Yourself because you ARE the state, the field, the essence, the presence of all things good.

Are you ready to feel the joyous relief that fills you up from within the instant you allow yourself to melt into the most effortless Receiving of what you desire?

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