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Manifest Your Desires With Love ~ Conscious Creation ~ Divine Inspiration

Video Transcript:

“In my appreciation I offer no resistance. Appreciation and self-love are the most important aspects you could ever nurture. Appreciation of others and the appreciation of yourself are the closest vibrational matches to Source Energy of anything we have ever witnessed anywhere in this Universe.” Ultimately, when you’re in a state of appreciation, you’re in a state of absolute allowing of what you desire.

You’re absolutely in a state of allowing flowering, which is ultimately being in a place within yourself where you are recognizing your Oneness with Source, and your Oneness with everything that you desire, and your Oneness with that which you feel appreciation for, so keep this in mind, in your thoughts, in your heart. Shift your attention to appreciating what it is that you desire to manifest, knowing that as you appreciate it, you are one-in-the-same.

You’re acknowledging your Oneness with that which you desire, you are acknowledging that you’re already one with it, and when you’re in this place, you are a perfect vibrational match for that which you desire to manifest, to experience. What’s more, because you’re in that alignment with it, allowing it now, in the moment, allowing it now, you are essentially vibrating on the frequency of the having of that desire. And that is a very powerful manifestive place to be, and that puts you in the position where you have just really ramped up the possibilities and even the probabilities, in fact, for what you desire, the truth that it can joyously spring to life and flower up beautifully for you in any given moment, and that is the place that you want to be.

You are already there, and not only are you feeling the good feelings of appreciation for it – within you feeling the good feelings of appreciation for it, you’re also enjoying it. You’re enjoying the Havingness of it, and that is now, right now in this moment, and that is a powerful signal to the Universe, to your subconscious, to your unconscious mind, that you already have it.

That seed is implanted within your subconscious mind imprinted in a way that creates the inner conditions within you and your vibration to then express forth the fruition of that desire from within you, to manifest it, to outpicture it for you in your physical reality. That is a very powerful place to be. So allow yourself to feel this powerful gratitude.

You know that, there’s that quote, “Gratitude is the memory of the heart.” I don’t know who originally said that, who made that quote, but it’s true. Gratitude is the memory of the heart. And to me, what that means is when I feel gratitude, it’s a feeling, yes, a profound appreciation. It’s a feeling of Havingness, a feeling of wholeness, of knowingness, of already Havingness, and I feel so much thanks.

I feel so much thanks and value, valuing, cherishing of this Havingness and this feeling of Havingness and profound blessing that it is. Gratitude to me feels like appreciation. It feels like infinite possibilities, and that’s the thing. It is.

When you’re in a state of gratitude, it is the memory of the heart because the heart knows the Oneness and the connection with Source, with Spirit, with the Universe, with All-ness into infinity – And it IS the All-ness, the Havingness of it All. Including you being One with the Havingness of your every heart’s desire, already given in advance.

You being in absolute Oneness, “At-Onement,” I call it, with your every answered prayer already answered in advance, into infinity, of anything you could hope for, wish for, pray for, want, desire. It’s already there, and you already have it. And that to me is what true gratitude really is, and true appreciation really is and means, and that is why it is so powerful too, because it’s hooking you up, it’s connecting you on the inside of you with your Oneness with Source, with your Oneness of knowing. You unconsciously already know your Oneness with Source, as Source, as a unique expression and a unique vibration of Source, of the one life of Spirit, of the Universe, and its fullness and beyond, of the All-That-Is-ness.

And you already know that, so whenever you get into this state of appreciation and gratitude, it awakens that memory of the heart that gratitude is, which is the All-ness, the Oneness of Love, the field, the love-saturated field of infinite possibilities, the field, the quantum field that is total love, and it is made of infinite possibilities.

It is filled with this fullness of All-That-Is-ness and infinite possibilities, with everything that you desire are already right there for you, so all that is required is for you to appreciate it, to show, to feel appreciation for that, to open yourself and just accept it and receive it, because it’s already there for you.

And you open your heart, you allow yourself to receive it, receiving the emotional nourishment of the Havingness of it now, and that opens the channel, it opens your heart to receiving and the receiving of it. The true appreciation of it, the true gratitude for it, the true receiving of it is the acceptance of it, and is one-and-the-same with the manifestation of it. It IS the manifestation.

That state of desire, not as a “wanting” or an “absence” of what you want, but that state of desire, when you really “Feel” it, is also the thing itself…

It’s the essence of the Havingness of the thing.

If you can feel that before your mind, your conscious, intellectual, analytical mind gets in there, can chime in, even as helpful as it wants to be, and it is helpful in many ways, but in this, if you can get in there before … Because it doesn’t fully understand in many cases, so if you can get in there before that intellectual element kicks in, and even if you have it happen, you can still shift back because this isn’t about intellectual knowing per se, or it’s not just about intellectual knowing, it’s about “intuitive knowing.”

It’s about knowing something intuitively, and that is what this is about. Whenever you’re in that state of desire for what it is that you desire, recognize that that is the fullness of the fruition. It is the thing itself. It is the receiving itself. It’s the presence of the thing that you want.

Not the absence of it, but the fullness of it.

There’s so much confusion around the “wordage,” when it comes to words like “desire” and “wanting,” and it’s not about the words, it’s about the Feeling.

There’s so much said about, “With topics like law of attraction, and manifesting, and conscious creation, and emergence of what you desire from within you, that you have to be careful, that you should never say “want” or “desire” because that’s reflecting a lack or absence of it,” and that is Not always true…

It “can” be true, but you can use those same words like “want” and “desire,” or even – this is a big one too, “What I desire is already on its way,” and someone might say, “Well, you should feel it as though you already have it.” Well, you know what, that’s true, but you can say, “I desire this, I want this, this is already on its way to me,” and you can be in a state of feeling the absence of it, or you can be in a state of feeling the Havingness of it.

It’s not about the words that you’re using, it’s about the feeling.

It’s about the feeling of Havingness within you, and when you feel desire for something, and you feel that desire, embodying it within your grounded body, within your grounded space of body, you accept that, embody that within you, the feeling of that desire – if you really look at that, there’s a fullness to it. There’s a Havingness to it, and that desire is the essence of what it is that you actually desire.

So whenever you’re in this place within you feeling this feeling, you are in direct manifestation, and manifestation mode, and it is the manifestation itself because you’re bringing that feeling of the Havingness, the fullness of having that desire, you are bringing the fullness of that feeling into embodiment, which is the grounded physical level, AKA manifestation.

So feel the good feelings of appreciation that your desire has already been given, and it’s only a matter of allowing yourself to open up and accept it, and receive it.

Let’s also go ahead and pull your positive affirmation message. This is from the Louise Hay deck, “Heart Thoughts Cards.” This is one of my favorite decks by her, but I love all of her decks, of course but, and I am a big fan of Louise Hay very much so.

There can be something about Louise Hay, that there’s always been a certain simplicity about the wisdom, the divine wisdom that she shared. Some people say, “Oh, it’s too simplistic,” but that’s the thing. It is often said, “What is most simple is most true,” and that can be true.

It is also true that the essence of simplicity itself – it’s filled with infinite possibilities. It’s filled with a fullness of everything you could ever desire, and that’s why it can be said that in simplicity, you’re actually gaining or receiving more in simplicity.

It’s all in how you look at it, and if you’re really understanding the deeper message that is within that – that whenever you allow yourself to feel this fullness of simplicity, you feel this presence of simplicity, you do find within it the universal connection, the openness, the spaciousness, the quantum field, the field of infinite possibilities that is infinite love, infinite supply, infinite abundance, infinite All-Good, and you have it all.

And guess what? That is a state of appreciation too. It’s the gratitude that is the memory of the heart.

Let’s go ahead and look in here and see what wants to come through. “I am worth loving. A powerful affirmation is to stand with arms wide open and say: I am willing to let the love in. It is safe to let the love in.”

And guess what? This is what self-love means. True self-love is, yes, it is in the way that you treat yourself, it is in the things that you do for yourself, but true, genuine self-love at the most powerful level is recognizing that yourself – that your Self, your True Self, Your “Self,” your very presence, your very essence, is made of love, that it is love, you are love. That is the ultimate form of self-love, the recognition that in your very essence, You Are Love. You are one with love, you are one-in-the-same with love, with the highest love.

“I am worth loving.”

You are worth loving, and in your appreciation to love and to all things good – and that’s the thing, all things good flow from love… Whenever you are in a state of appreciation, which is also love, itself too, you are connected with the highest frequency in existence. And, that is your True Self, and remember, your True Self, in your True Self, as your True Self, you are the field of infinite possibilities, and that field of infinite possibilities is your True Identity. And that is a state of unbounded love, unbounded appreciation. It’s the same energy.

So as you go forth, show appreciation. Feel appreciation for the love that you are, and that you are worth loving, and you are worth loving because you are love itself and you are worthy and deserving of love because you are, and because you’re worthy and deserving of Yourself – and your Self is love, your Self is well-being, your Self is all things good, is Source itself at the truest level, at the highest level.

There’s so much of feeling undeserving of love, feeling unworthy of love, and that’s the thing. To say that you feel unworthy of love or undeserving of love, to feel those things is to feel unworthy of life, because life energy itself is love.

And it’s also to say and to feel that if you don’t feel deserving of love or you don’t feel worthy of love, it’s to say you don’t feel worthy and deserving of Yourself, because you are love, because you are the very essence of love.

So be in appreciation for this love that you are, and for the fact that you can manifest anything that you desire, that you can allow the flowering of anything that you desire from this state of knowing that your true essence is love, and it is the love that creates all things good and holds within it all infinite possibilities and all things good within it.

The love that you are is loving you now. Open your arms and your heart and your whole being to receive this love now, and allow it to heal you and nourish you, and to flower through you all of the good that you desire to create and manifest for yourself, and also knowing… We use words like “create” and “manifest”… Well, all infinite good – we live in timeless reality, we experience life and time in a linear sense, in our physical forms, but the true reality is that of timeless love that holds within it all infinite possibilities. So everything that you desire has already been given in timeless spiritual truth. So know that you are already One with it, and with this field, and you are this field of infinite possibilities.

Open up and be the love that you are. Let yourself receive the love that you are. That is the ultimate self-love, and the ultimate, most satisfying, fulfilling, joyous, joyful way to receive what you desire.

And as said, there’s so much about manifestation and creating. Well, the truth is, is yes, manifestation, creating, conscious creation, co-creation, but the thing is though, is that because we live in this timeless reality of spiritual truth, that is the truth, that is the presence of life, the presence of now, the essence of life itself – it’s all already been manifested. It’s already all been made manifest.

It’s already been created, so really, you’re creating and manifesting in your reality, in your experience of physical reality… But ultimately, the truth is, it’s all already been made manifest into infinity. It’s already been created into infinity, infinite creation.

Really, what’s happening is that you are shifting your awareness – your point of awareness, your attention, your point in consciousness, your location in consciousness in the field, in the quantum field… You are, and literally too, you are shifting your point of focus, point of awareness onto the fact that you are already this field, you are One with everything that you desire, One with All Good, and all you have to do is open up and allow yourself to accept and receive it, and then you’re allowing it to flower in your reality by doing that. You’re accepting it in, allowing it in, allowing it to flower through you into your physical reality.

What’s really happening too, is as you do this and your point of awareness highlights upon this Havingness of what you desire, upon the “Already” Havingness of what you desire (and already being One with it, so of course you already have it timelessly), you’re shifting your point of awareness in doing this…

So what’s really happening is that you are allowing the inner conditions within you, you’re allowing your eyes – your spiritual eyes, of what you see in your spiritual eyes, and you know is already true and you’re already One with this desire, and with the Havingness of this desire – to match up with your physical eyes and your physical experience in physical reality, through your senses, to be able to perceive this level… frequency… at which what you desire is already manifest.

So really, you’re placing your focus in consciousness on the Havingness of what you desire and the already Havingness of what you desire, so then what happens is, that is what makes it seem to appear to manifest and to be created, but really, you’re focusing in on the fact of, in the point in consciousness of where it’s already created, where it’s already made manifest, and then you’re able to see it and perceive it with your physical senses and perception, within your field of physical reference, within your field of physical perception.

So alright… And appreciation because… it’s pure allowing. Love and appreciation are pure allowing. There’s no resistance in it, and it allows what you desire to come to you and to come to you much faster with greater speed and in the most joyful, smoothest, most beautiful ways possible, and the most divinely perfect way, and is in essence the allowing flowering, the allowing of the flowering of what you desire.

So again, to recap here…

“In my appreciation, I offer no resistance. Appreciation and self-love are the most important aspects you could ever nurture. Appreciation of others and the appreciation of yourself are the closest vibrational matches to Source Energy, of anything we have ever witnessed anywhere in this Universe.”

And, “I am worth loving.”

You are worth loving…

“A powerful affirmation is to stand with arms wide open and say: I am willing to let the love in. It is safe to let the love in.'”

And as you do, you’re allowing flowering, and you’re allowing the flowering of what you desire.

You’re allowing the manifestation.

And the receiving… the “emotional-receiving” within yourself first is the manifestation itself on the energetic level, and that is what makes it show up in your physical reality, what makes it mirror back to you in your physical reality.

So alright – Love and Appreciation… Very beautiful, good energies, messages coming through for you, so take this into your mind and heart, and nourish and nurture yourself with it.

Alright. Thank you so much, so, so much for joining me, and I hope that you’ve found this helpful and a source of nourishment to your soul.

And if you have, please do remember to like, comment, share, subscribe, click the bell to receive notification of future video uploads and updates. If you’re already a current subscriber, thank you so very much. I truly love and appreciate you all very much, and I truly value and appreciate, cherish deeply, and treasure having You in my life, and spending this beautiful divine time with me.

Thank you so much, and I wish you many beautiful blessings and allowing of flowerings in your life. You can also find me at, as well as my blog, where you can also find other content along the same inspirational, empowering, and truth – sharing truth, knowing of the power that you really are… nature. So alright. Again, thank you so much, and I wish you many beautiful blessings and flowerings.

Now… are you ready to experience Returning Home to the Wholeness of Love & Receiving Everything You Desire?

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