The Missing Secret When Working With The Law of Attraction Is Often, "Receiving". Relaxing Into An Openness of "Allowing", Which Is A State of Pure Receptivity. Pure Openness To Receive.



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Relax & Allow
Learn How To Effortlessly Receive

Best-Seller eBook Shows How To SPEED UP Effortless Manifestation Of Your Heart’s Desires. Discover How To Receive FAST & EASY Manifestation With The Law of Attraction / Law of Expression.

What Makes the Law of Attraction Work To Manifest Your Desired Reality.

Take a deep breath, feel the solid ground of your being, and let the pure presence of good flow in, with total ease…

It is – RECEIVING – that is usually the “missing secret” when many people are working with concepts such as, “The Law of Attraction”, intentions for conscious creation, and with other various forms of prayer in general.

Prayers are most easily answered when an opening of welcoming space and loving acceptance are provided for their arrival, wrapped in the spacious grace of gratitude and thanks. 

Learn How To Relax & Receive
How to Effortlessly “Allow” Your Desires Into Reality. 

LOA - The Art of Allowing Your Desires Into Being.

Live and breathe the calm relaxed joy of your every answered prayer in effortless ease. Express your desired reality into being through each and every blissful, peace-filled breath that you take.

Learning to Receive – Surrendering into the Softened Power of Blissful Effortless Receiving eBook



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“The instant you give yourself full permission to receive the desires of your heart, all resistance melts away, and you find yourself instantaneously unified as One with having received. THIS, is to experience 100% PURE “ALLOWING.”

“True Allowing is to allow the expression of your heart’s desire to just flow freely from your heart, and to keep that expression flowing in openness.”

“Ironically so, the part of us that is straining, struggling, and engaging in the trap of “trying”, is the part of us that is holding us back—denying ourselves permission to just let go and receive.

Whenever we truly give ourselves our own permission to receive what our hearts truly desire, natural openness to receive it is the result. There is no struggle involved.”

“So it is important that you speak forth/express your intention directly from your heart, and that you not filter it through the level of disconnected head-space or intellect alone, but rather, allow it to be spoken, expressed and fully released, entirely from your space of heart, while staying connected with this space of grace, allowing the joy of fruition.

This is a matter of getting unstuck out of the brain’s linear perception of time, and experiencing true reality—the timelessness of the heart, where all good is already infinitely, eternally present within the very spaciousness that is your heart.

Really drop down into your body to feel depths of your Oneness with your heart’s desire.

As you feel this Oneness, you will realize that there is no need to struggle for that which you are already One with, and this frees you to simply Allow.

Pure Allowing is actually very natural of your truest state.

In truth, Pure Allowing IS your true state.

Allowing feels naturally good, and is naturally magnetic to all good.

It is simply a matter of letting go of any resistance you may feel toward “Allowing” (simply being).”

“True Allowing entails having a healthy detachment from the outcome, which is really, pure openness to receiving it.

Which is to allow your desired outcome complete and total freedom to show up for you. This kind of freedom, is also the free-flowing nature of Love itself…”

“It is through your natural magnetism (receptivity), that you are effortlessly magnetic to your every answered prayer and to the full goodness of life. You are the Inner Source of your every answered prayer and of all things good.

Love is potently magnetic, the Source of All Good, and you ARE this All-Inclusive, All-Providing, Blessing-Packed magnetic field of Love Consciousness, uniquely individualized.

Love is who you are simply by being your true essence, and within this Love that is You, indwells infinite possibilities to be “Allowed INTO” your experience of life.

There is no need to struggle or try to force with your head, when you can Allow with your heart effortlessly.”

“Full Presence is Wholeness, where you experience yourself as the infinite circle of Love that is You, where you are already One with all good.”

“True Receiving is a feminine energy quality. Which means that it is a function of simply BEING, rather than “doing” something in order to try to make it happen. It is to allow flowering to unfold on its own, from within the stillness of presence. It is to “do” without “doing,” simply BY “being.”

“Love is the openness of your heart. As is your ability to receive, allow, and accept all of the good and blessings of Life.

Your loving space of heart, is richly fertile with the essence of all things good.

It is a naturally creative ability that indwells within you, for Love to pour through your heart from the inside, and create abundant good in the world around you on the “seeming” outside.

You are free to express and release your every heart’s desire into this potently creative current of All-Providing Love as it flows through your heart, body, being, and beyond.

Or you can simply be open to allowing a variety of happy surprises to spring up many flowers of blessing into your life from the Divine Heart’s Garden of Love, that rests within the deepest part of your own heart.

You are coming from an even greater place of power within yourself whenever you express your heart’s desires from heartfelt feeling, rather than simply from thinking.

You are the Abundance of the Universe, made manifest in human form. All of the Abundance of Life can be accessed through the Infinite Love that exists at the deepest part of your heart.”

“Your part is to hold a loving space of openness and free-flowing allowance for this “flowering” of your heart’s desires to bloom open into their own “beingness.”

In other words, to happen FOR you.

The sweet grace of Love’s creative power flowers your desires to fruition effortlessly on its own.

The creative process takes care of the fruition of your desire for you.

Your part is to behold an open, accepting, loving heart of welcoming repose.”

“Your giving is a blessing to others, and… your RECEIVING is ALSO a blessing to others. As you give to others, they are blessed, as you receive from others, THEY ARE BLESSED!”

“It is Love that frees you from the pattern of self-deprivation, and the self-condemnation that is one-and-the-same with this often unconscious choice of self-abandonment.

The less you allow yourself to receive, the less you have to give.

Whenever you block your own natural openness to receiving, you diminish your capacity to give.

Let yourself Receive, and you will discover that giving has never felt so good!”

“Let go of money shame and embrace free-flowing MONEY GRACE.”

“It is natural and intended for us to receive the full good of life…

The flow of Life, with its generously blessing current, is always flowing in each and every moment, and is capable of easily bringing you all that your heart desires.

Be willing to open to receive, and Allow it IN.

True receptivity is magnetic of good, and your receptivity (ability to receive) increases as you give your feelings and emotions the breathing room of healthy emotional expression.

This healthy expression (releasing) is magnetic, because it opens a clear emotional space for your desires/answered prayers to naturally flow in to fill the loving heart-welcoming space provided for their arrival.

The natural essence of “Allowing,” that your genuine openness to receive sweetly flowers open, is a magnet for ushering in abundant good into your life.

Take a deep breath and get a feeling-sense of the Wholeness of your body, spirit, and beyond. Feel your natural sense of full-bodied presence. Listen from a space of full-bodied listening.

With your whole entire body just, Listen.

Perceive Presence.

Feel in itself your organic right to be yourself exactly as you are, to deeply relax into an expanded fullness of inner body spaciousness within you—to fully occupy your own presence of being.

You are here for a very important reason, even if you aren’t entirely sure what that reason is. But that reason is abundantly valid, and infinitely good.

You magnetize yourself to effortlessly receiving what you desire through your own Openness to it, as you are beginning to do now.

Allow yourself to feel and fully experience the profound magnetism you naturally carry within the grounded receptivity you embody.

You don’t have to strain or try to “get,” when you can simply allow yourself to receive. Allow the affluence of flow to generously pour through all aspects of you, as a Whole unified field of “You.”

The naturally open, welcoming repose of your heart (natural gratitude), holds an Openness of Love and Full Acceptance of what you desire, and is the very “Allowing” that joyfully sparkles with inherent magic and miracles, and abundantly ushers them into your life.

In spiritual truth, your entire being is already delightfully awash with sparkling gratitude, that infinitely overflows from every part of you. Your very cells are awash with infinite blessings. You are infinite gratitude overflowing in all directions.

Through your true presence of heart, you are already infinitely and eternally connected through Love to all of the good of life.

It is simply a matter of Allowing it in.

As the poet, Rumi, put it:

Your task is not to seek for Love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

And as you do, you are, “Coming out of the circle of time, and into the circle of Love,” as Rumi also expressed.

Love truly is the “Water of Life,” and it is Love that has the power to NOURISH the growth of all that you desire to fruition in your life.

The Heart of The Divine—Love Itself—LOVES to generously give, and to be generously RECEIVED, in infinite measure.

You must only be willing through your own Openness of Heart, to RECIEVE.

Learning to Receive – Surrendering into the Softened Power of Blissful Effortless Receiving eBook

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