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It Is Equally Easy To Manifest Anything

Video Transcript:

Welcome to Allowing Flowering, which is all about embodying your true identity as the field of infinite possibilities, where you are One with your every heart’s desire and with the most expansive love of all. So thank you so much for joining me here for this time of divine inspiration.

So let’s look and see what divine insight, divine guidance wants to come through for you. What inspiration does the Divine want to share with you right now? What is right for you right now in this moment? And you’ve intuitively attracted the watching this video for reason. So let’s find out why.

“I Can Create Castles as Easily as Buttons.” “When you understand the laws, then you understand that it is not more difficult to create a castle than it is a button. They’re equal. It is not more difficult to create 10 million than $100,000. It is the same application of the same law to two different intentions.”

And really it is true, thinking of it in terms of it’s not any different. The principle is the principle. The universal principle is the universal principle. It is the same regardless. So whether it is creating $1, or creating $10 million, or whatever number, it is still the same energy, the same creative process, that is exactly identical and the same, regardless of the content.

And what this means for you is that there is so much ease and so much power within ease. And I feel like here this message is really about instilling within you the inner knowing that ease is the answer, that ease is what is going to bring you what you desire. That just because you struggle for something, doesn’t make it more likely that you’re going to receive it. And in fact, struggling and the energy of trying, trying really hard, strain, struggle, that’s all resistance. That’s all resistance… And so therefore, not only does it not truly increase your chances to receive what you desire to struggle for it, but it actually disempowers you. It actually makes it more difficult. The harder you try to get something, the more difficult it makes it for you to receive it, because struggling is, in essence, the opposite of allowing. Struggling is the opposite of receiving. Struggling and straining, it is the opposite of allowing yourself to be open to receive. It’s the opposite of being open to receive

Whenever you allow ease, things tend to just flow to you that much more, well, easily. And the thing of it is, it can be pretty common, and a lot of people may be unconscious to this, but what happens whenever a person really let’s go of strain and struggle to receiving what they desire and they allow themselves to just begin opening up to receive it in total ease? What happens? What comes up?

Oftentimes it’s feelings of guilt, or feelings of unworthiness, or feeling undeserving. And so really straining and struggling is just like a distraction or a way to try to compensate for receiving that which is desired whenever the person does not feel that they deserve it or are allowed to have it.

And so really the remedy to this is in understanding that the fundamental foundational truth of you, within you, is that you are One with and As Source, the Divine, and that Source, the Divine is infinite worth in and of itself. You are a unique, individualized vibration and expression of the One Life, One Love, One Divine of Source itself, of Life, itself. Of pure life essence itself. Pure, infinite love itself. And therefore, because you are One with Source, the Divine, which is infinite worth, you are infinitely worthy and deserving of all infinite good, and not just only are you worthy of it, you’re One with all of this infinite good, as well.

So let’s see what positive affirmation would like to come through for you right now. What is your soul longing for you to know right now?

“I affirm only the good in life.” “I am in harmony with all that surrounds me. I am at peace.” You affirm only the good in life. You are in harmony with all that surrounds you. You are at peace.

And speaking of this harmony and peace, states of total ease and flow, you are Divine Worth flowing as you, flowing as the expression that you know as you. And this about affirming only the good in life, that doesn’t mean to bury your head in the sand and pretend that certain things aren’t going on in the world and so on, but what it means is that you can notice things that are going on, but your response to anything negative going on in your life or in the world, your response can be affirming only the good, which you desire.

Looking at it as the opportunity that it really is, which is that you’re being presented with the opportunity to now choose. You may have the contrast showing you what you don’t want, so instead of trying to push against that, strain, or struggle, instead of trying to strain or struggle or push against the unwanted, you are instead utilizing this opportunity for what it really is, to say, “Oh, okay, that’s contrast. That’s not what I’m wanting, so I’m not going to push against it. I am going to instead be in a state of allowing of the good that I actually desire.”

And also with this too, again, knowing that it is absolutely possible for you to manifest something that seems really small or something that seems really huge. To Source, it’s all equally easy, whether it’s something that we think is small or we think is massively huge. And really what marks that difference? What makes that difference between it flowing to us easily or it being a struggle to attain it, is our own level of acceptance of it, our own level of acceptance, allowing of it or resistance of it. So are we allowing it or are we disallowing it? And are you allowing it or are you disallowing it? And really, if we don’t feel good about it, even if we say we’re allowing it, we’re really not. We’re disallowing it. If we don’t feel the good feelings of allowing it, then plain and simple, we’re not allowing it. That’s how you know.

And how you know that you genuinely, truly are allowing and open to receive and welcoming that which you desire is by virtue of how you’re feeling about it. Are you feeling that sense of knowingness, openness, allowance within yourself? Do you feel that inner approval, that inner permission bringing you inner assurance, and comfort, and feelings of security, and ironclad inner knowing, inner knowingness that it’s taken care of, it’s done, and you’re open and you’re just allowing it to flow through you, flower through you into expression?

This is also really too, about looking with a new awareness at your intentions that you desire to manifest in your life, and if something seems hard or difficult, or like it would be more of a challenge, that can only be because of your level of either allowing or disallowing of it, acceptance or resistance of it. And you have the power to change that. You have the power to begin allowing anything that you desire in any given moment. Be open to receive it now, knowing that it is entirely possible for what you desire to joyously spring to life and flower up beautifully for you in any given moment or to begin flowering up beautifully in any given moment.

There’s so much said about how manifestations can take time, so people say don’t expect it to happen overnight or to manifest instantly, and so I have to say a couple things about this, because it’s just too important. One, you don’t ever want to get stuck in the energy of “waiting.” Waiting is disallowing, and if you are thinking, “Well, I can’t have this right now, I have to wait for it to manifest,” then ultimately you’re telling yourself and affirming that you don’t have it now. You’re telling your subconscious mind, you’re imprinting that on your subconscious mind, “I don’t have this now.” So in other words, you’re saying, “Don’t create this.” And it’s not about trying to force yourself to believe, it’s never about trying to force yourself to believe that you have it now, you’re not working with that level of your mind anyway. You’re working with a more expanded, deeper, higher level of your mind and your own awareness and creative capacity. A creative process, creative power within you. So it’s not in trying to make yourself believe that you have it now. No, it’s about becoming aware of the fact that it’s already true, that you’re already One with your desire by virtue of the fact that you’re already One with Source within you, which is the Source of all infinite good, including your every heart’s desire.

It’s not trying to make yourself believe anything. It’s about realizing what is actually already true, therefore you already do have it now, because you’re One with it. And now it’s simply a matter of standing within your groundedness As Source, your grounded power of intention and allowing the flowering of your desire to flower through you into expression, which is what makes it appear to show up in your physical reality or on the quote/unquote “screen of space.”

And so, again, back to knowing that it can be as easy as you allow it to be. Seriously. It can be as easy as you allow it to be. Straining and struggling for something is a trap. It is the opposite of what brings you what you desire and brings it to you most effortlessly.

Now, it is possible that you could have a belief that, “Well, if I strain and struggle for this, that will get me what I desire,” and that may be that it ends up appearing to be true for you in your experience simply and only because of the fact that that’s how your permission filters are set up. That the only way that you might allow yourself to receive what you desire is if you struggle and work hard for it. And that comes from a belief of not deserving, believing that you don’t deserve it, or feeling unworthy, and again, you’re One with Source, which is infinite worth, therefore you are infinite worth and you are infinitely worthy of all good. And you’re One with all good. So to say and believe that we are not deserving or not worthy of anything that we desire is also to say that we’re not worthy of ourselves, because we’re already One and you are already One with all infinite good. And with your every infinite heart’s desire. And so receiving what you desire can be as easy as you allow it to be.

And so another note here about when it comes to there being this buffer of time, so to speak, when it comes to your intention being set forth, what you choose to allow in, your focus, your choice of thought, and then the “time,” quote/unquote, that it would take to experience it showing up in your outer reality, well, yes, sure, there’ve been a lot of times in my life that things did take quote/unquote “time” to manifest. Not everything has happened overnight. And yet there are also times that I have seen absolutely fabulous, instantaneous, or near instantaneous, literally meaning within seconds, manifestations of what I desired and intended in that moment. And the reason that can happen with instant manifestations or near instant manifestations, it’s all by virtue of how powerfully you are aligned with Source and with the feeling of havingness of your desire in the moment. And the more powerful you feel that alignment, the faster it manifests.

Many people get hung up on ideas of Divine Timing, and yes, there is such a thing as Divine Timing, but the truth about Divine Timing is that, or at least the truth about what we have come to think of, and perceive, and look upon as Divine Timing is that really it is something that can be changed or altered, slowed down or sped up by virtue of our level of allowing what we desire or by virtue of our level of disallowing it, the resistance. But ultimately Divine Timing, the way that we’ve come to think of it is something that can absolutely be affected by, and controlled even, influenced so powerfully by your willingness to be open to receive what you desire right now.

And a lot of times people get hung up in “waiting” and they’re like, “Okay. I’ve been trying to manifest this for 30 years,” and they think, “Oh, well, it must just be Divine Timing.” No, it is not Divine Timing. It’s more than likely misalignment, and misalignment as a result of being stuck in “waiting energy” and out of sync with the moment of now and feeling that you have it now and instead thinking, “Oh, it’s out there in the future. Oh, it can’t happen overnight. I’ve got to wait.” You never want to have that idea in your mind that you have to wait to receive what you desire.

Now, at the same time, I have to add a caveat with that, that it’s also just equally the same that you’re not attached to it, either. That you’re not attached to your desire, your intention happening right now, instantly. You’re OPEN. That’s the thing. You’re not attached. Attached is the opposite of open. We think, “Oh, we’re open to something because we want it.” No, that’s not how it works. Attachment is resistance. If you’re holding on really tight attached to something and feel like, “Well it has to happen in this amount of time, and this, this, this,” then really it’s a state of resistance. It’s disallowing.

The true power is in finding that middle ground that is openness to receive, which is knowing that, in a general sense, there may or may not be a buffer of time involved, but you’re not even thinking about that. You know this on a certain level. It’s really about living with the deep, inner knowing that it is entirely possible for what you desire to manifest and flower beautifully for you in any given moment, or to begin flowering up beautifully for you in any given moment. That it is possible now. It’s about “possibility-thinking,” possibility, alignment, aligned with possibility, which is being aligned with infinite possibilities. That is about timelessness. That is a timeless essence. It’s not a linear time thing. It’s not a linear time construct. It’s about carrying the awareness that it is possible for it to happen at any given moment. And living from that “knowing.” So it’s not about either side of the, “Well, I have to wait,” or, “I have to make myself believe I have it now,” when that doesn’t seem true. It’s about right in the middle, right in the center of you knowing, being open, in this moment, as this moment, knowing deep within you, from deep within you, and living from that deep within yourself, that you know it’s possible for what you desire to spring to life beautifully for you and manifest at any given moment.

And, furthermore, no matter how big or small it may seem to you. And that can be good to know and to feel that sense of knowing that even if something seems big, that really it is emotionally to look at it the same. To know that it’s just as easily possible either way.

So, all right. Thank you so much for joining me here for this time together. And if you do find this content inspirational, please do remember to like, comment, share, subscribe, and click the bell to receive notification of future video uploads and updates. If you’re already a current subscriber, thank you very much. I truly love, and appreciate you very much, and I cherish and treasure deeply having you in my life.

I wish you many beautiful blessings and many beautiful allowing of flowerings of your desired good in your life, knowing and living from that space within yourself, where you know and can feel it, and you’re One with it, you’re One with the knowing of it, that anything that you desire is possible, and that it is entirely possible for anything that you desire, whether it seems large or small by any standards, to manifest and flower up beautifully for you in any given moment.

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