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Is It Divine Timing Or Are You Stuck In “Waiting” Energy? – Allow Good To Flow In NOW…

Video Transcript:

Welcome to Allowing Flowering. Embodying your true identity as the field of infinite possibilities, where you are already One with your every heart’s desire, and with the most expansive love of all. Thank you so much for joining me here. So we’re going to look in and see what divine inspiration would like to come through for you, here, today, right now. And you have intuitively attracted to the watching of this video for a reason. So let’s find out why. What message may be in here for you.

Now these are the “Ask and it is Given” cards. Pulling from the bottom of the deck. “I now hold the key to creating my every desire.” “It is not possible to consistently feel positive emotion about something and have it turn out badly. For the way you feel will tell you if you’re allowing your natural well-being or not. Once you understand that the way you feel indicates your level of allowing or resisting, you now hold the key to creating anything you desire.”

Oh, I love it. And you know you absolutely hold the key to creating your every desire. Such a powerful message here. Now let’s go ahead and pull a “Heart Thoughts” card, positive affirmation card. These are the “Heart Thoughts” cards by Louise Hay. So let’s go ahead and do this. Pulling from the bottom of the deck. “I deserve good in my life.” And you deserve to feel good in your life. “I am willing to go beyond my own limitations. I am wonderful and I deserve and accept all the good that life has to offer.” I love this, and I love this for you. I feel like there’s a central theme here. Very powerfully about really allowing yourself to feel good. Allowing it to be okay for you to feel good. And to have what it is that you desire.

And we so often, as humans, sometimes we really think that we’re allowing what we desire. We really think that we’re letting it be okay. And that, “Oh, of course I want my desire. Of course I’m allowing it.” But wanting something, even wanting it badly, and pining for it even, wanting something is not the same thing as allowing it. Wanting something is not the same thing as allowing yourself to open to receive it. And wanting something is not the same as being open to receive it. That is a very common misconception, assumption that I think that we, probably most all of us, have tended to make at some point as human beings in our thinking.

But ultimately, it really is a matter of truly letting it be okay to have what you want. Okay, so think of a desire. Feel a desire right now of something that you wish to manifest, maybe something you’ve been wanting to manifest, wishing to manifest for a really long time. So imagine that it just happened and everything that might go along with it has just happened. Are you prepared to receive it? If it just happened now, and you had no time to prepare, you had no time to figure things out, you had no time to do anything except, bam, here is, what you desire, it is huge, it is big, it is positive, it is amazing. And maybe it’s even a really, really big change, albeit even if a very big positive change.

Are you comfortable with that change? Are you comfortable with having to let go of any old patterns or old thoughts, old ideas, old data that you’ve held onto for a long time? Old circumstances or situations. Are you prepared for that radical of a shift to let those things go? Are you prepared to let it be okay to have what you have now? Or to have what you want now?

There’s this thing that sometimes we really believe that we’re open to receive something. But yet we’re not open to receive it NOW. And it’s like we’re kind of deluding ourselves. We think consciously, “Well, yes of course I want this. Of course I’m open to receive it. I’ve been doing all this manifestation work, right?” A lot of people feel that way. And maybe you have too. But sometimes it really is possible as humans that any of us can find ourselves in this place where we really think and believe that we are open to receive, we’re allowing it in, that we’re letting it be okay.

And there’s some part of us, often times it’s unconsciously, (that’s why we may not realize it, that’s why we may really sincerely believe that we’re allowing, and open to receive), but then there’s part of us that’s blocking it because it’s unconscious.

You can become conscious of the unconscious and release the unconscious that’s been holding you back. But in essence, a lot of times there is this part of us that is watching and wanting to keep things the same because we want to stay safe. And it’s a good thing to stay safe, to be safe. But we don’t want fears to hold us back. And it is possible for you to have what you desire and be safe too. What if you are willing to merge these two concepts together into union, into unity? And know that it’s possible for you to have what you want and still be safe too.

Can you let it in now? Can you be open to receive it now? No time to prepare for anything, just let what you desire in now. What does that feel like? And so there can be this thing where part of us is almost like, okay, we think we’re open to receive what we desire, and that we’re allowing it. And if it’s not happening, and not showing up for you, especially if it’s been many, many years or a really long time, sometimes people think that’s about “Divine Timing.” And while there can be factors of Divine Timing, it’s also true that what we think of, and tend to think of as “Divine Timing,” is really something that…

Well, first of all, a lot of times, if you’re waiting for something to happen, if you’re in the energy of waiting, you are in misalignment. You’re not aligned. The energy of “waiting” is not the energy of alignment with what you desire. You’re stuck in “waiting energy.” And as I say… “Don’t wait. Allow.” Don’t be stuck in waiting energy. Be in Allowing. Get yourself into a state of Allowing.

And a lot of people, a lot of times, they think with their desired manifestations that, (I’ve seen it so much…), like we really believe that we’re open to receive what we desire, and yet, it’s not showing up, and all of this time passes, and feeling, “well, what’s going on…?”

We really believe that we’re allowing it. But in truth, sometimes there can be blocks, but I’ve found (there may be different types of blocks), but one of the most common can be that of just said… Being stuck in this energy of waiting. Which is misalignment. And then a lot of people thinking, “Oh, it must be Divine Timing. Oh, Source, or the Universe must not want me to have this.” And that’s not what it’s about.

And ultimately, a lot of times, if you’ve been waiting a really long time, a lot of times what this means is that it’s probably NOT Divine Timing. It’s because you’ve been stuck in waiting energy. The energy of waiting, and not in a space of openness of allowing. Because as I’ve heard it said, and it’s very beautiful, but it is that, what you desire doesn’t so much so come on “time” it comes on WELCOME.

And I’m paraphrasing that, but that is absolutely true. That what we desire doesn’t just come on time. It comes on Welcome. And no matter how long you’ve been waiting for something, the instant that you open to receive it, the instant that you allow the welcome of it, the instant it begins actively manifesting in your life.

But a lot of times people think, “Oh, it must be Divine Timing.” But it’s really not even about Divine Timing in those cases, generally speaking. And the thing about Diving Timing that is so powerful as well, is that really, a powerful understanding about Divine Timing is although what we think of, have come to think of, as “Divine Timing” is something that we can actually control insofar as the fact that we can delay or we can speed up the process of what we think of as “Divine Timing” by virtue of how resistant and non-receptive or how allowing and open to receive we are of that which we desire. Of that which you desire.

And that is so important here. Be open. Be willing. You are willing to go beyond your own limitations. You are wonderful and you deserve to accept all the good that life has to offer. You deserve to feel good. You deserve to allow yourself to feel good. To be aligned with your natural well-being.

When you’re feeling good, you’re allowing. When you don’t feel good, you’re in a place of disallowing. Although… Very important key point here… There’s this whole thing where there’s this very unhelpful, unresourceful belief and idea that’s perpetuated, especially in certain spiritual communities, in suggesting that you can never think a quote/unquote, “negative thought,” that you can never feel a negative feeling, and if you’re feeling something negative that, “Oh you better change that right away because you don’t want to manifest it.”

Well no, you don’t want to manifest it. You don’t want to manifest out of it. You don’t want to manifest more of the same. But the approach, it’s the approach that’s faulty in that whenever there’s this idea that you should cram down your authentic feelings and paste some false, happy face sticker over how you really feel.

It is always your feeling that is your ultimate vibration that you are emitting. That you are attracting from, that you are manifesting from within yourself, and that is what the Universe hears and sees and picks up on most powerfully from you. It is your vibration. Well your vibration is about your feelings most powerfully. It’s most powerfully about your feelings.

And so therefore, cramming down your feelings, not only is it unhealthy, risks getting stuck emotions, stuck in your body, risks manifesting as illness or other issues in your life, and you don’t want that, and cramming down your feelings also does nothing to change your vibration. It does nothing to change your point of attraction. And it does nothing to help you get into harmony, vibrational harmony, with the vibrational essence of that which you desire.

So cramming down your feelings, running from your feelings, trying to force positive feelings, (never try to force positive thinking, that is just a breeding ground for resistance, stuffing your authentic emotions, even if they’re negative is a breeding ground for resistance…) it blocks or potentially risks blocking your manifestations, or risking creating something that you don’t want.

So again, that is not the approach. The most helpful, healthy approach, is an acknowledging what you’re really thinking. What you’re really feeling authentically. If it doesn’t feel good to you, you notice that. You respond to yourself with love and care.

An example of that looks like, “Well, even though I maybe feeling this feeling right now that doesn’t feel good, or this circumstance, I want this to change and it doesn’t feel like it’s happening.” Maybe you feel hopeless, that you’re powerless, or you feel angry, or upset, or hurt, or scared, or sad, or fear, or whatever it is you’re feeling. But you authentically feel what you feel. You authentically think what you think. You authentically feel what you feel. Acknowledge it. What you’re feeling is valid. Acknowledge your feelings as valid. When you stuff them down, you’re not acknowledging them as valid, you’re invalidating them, and it’s not doing anything to help you actually attract what you want. And in fact, it’s working against you. To do this, to cram your feelings.

So authentically caring for yourself, your self-talk. How do you respond to yourself? “I’m feeling this feeling. It doesn’t feel good, and you know what, I know that it’s still possible for me to feel good, to feel better. To feel good and to have what I want, to receive what I want. And to open up and allow it in.”

And sometimes even just that is enough to help lessen a negative feeling to help it dissolve back to love, and for you to be free of it, and for it to be free. For you to be free.

As humans, we all have moments where we’re not constantly just blaring 24/7 with constant high vibration. Well, maybe some people are predominantly and it’s possible to get to that point where it’s predominantly… but that never means you’re not human and that you might not have a moment where you have a thought or a feeling that is quote,/unquote “negative” or that doesn’t feel good to you, or that would constitute as a form of resistance in other words.

Everyone is human. You are human. Treat yourself kindly, with love. Be easy on yourself. Go easy on yourself. That the path of ease is the path of least resistance. That’s what gets you what you want and gets you your desired manifestations most easily. And plus, it’s just plain good to be good to yourself and to love yourself. And I feel like this here too is also an affirmation, (I deserve good in my life. You deserve good in your life), and it’s also true that you deserve to feel good. You deserve to allow yourself to let good in and to recognize that you are already goodness in your true essence. And on a certain level, you are actually already One with the good feelings that you seek.

I feel that is so important here, and also too, ultimately yes, you are One with the Source of All Good. You are Goodness Itself. You are Source, Divine Goodness Itself. Source, Goodness, Divine Goodness, Infinite Goodness, Universal Goodness, and beyond into infinity Goodness in your true nature. In your true core.

And you are loved from within at all times… BY your inner connection with Source and As your Oneness with and As that Source because ultimately, it is love that forms your innermost core. And you can love yourself instantly in any moment by remembering that you are already One with Love in your very essence and that your very essence is made of love.

You can love yourself instantly in any moment simply by remembering the love that forms your innermost core. You can love yourself instantly in any given moment by remembering the love that forms and IS your innermost core.

And as you choose to forgo the false happy face stickers overtop of how you authentically feel, that may not feel “positive” quote/unquote, or in alignment with what you desire, as you validate how you really feel, acknowledge your feelings as valid, ALL of your feelings as valid, let it be okay to feel how you feel and respond with love. Through your own healthy, loving self-talk.

And again, an example, “Even though I may be feeling this feeling right now and it doesn’t feel good, maybe I’m worried about it because I know that it’s not in alignment with what I desire and I’m worried that it’s going to prevent me attracting what I desire, or I might not get what I desire, it is still possible to feel better, to receive what I desire, to open up to allowing it to flow in now.”

Or even in itself fearing that you might not get what you desire, or fearing that you might risk manifesting something you don’t want – And that’s another reason why it is such a breeding ground for unhelpfulness to try to run and feel all this anxiety, “Oh I can’t think this. I’m going to risk manifesting this.”

How is that helping you? That is not helping you manifest what you want. That is not helping you one single bit. And in fact, it is massively working against you. And you don’t have to take that approach.

Again, taking the approach, “Even though I’m feeling this way right now (and maybe any of that stuff we just said), even though I’m feeling this way right now, I can still love myself in this moment too. I can still know that it is still possible for me to receive what I desire and to feel better. It’s possible for me to feel better, to feel good, and to receive what I desire.”

It’s about how you’re treating yourself. That internal dialogue. And internalize it within yourself deeply. “I deserve good in my life.” Because you deserve good in your life. Internalize it deeply. “I am willing to go beyond my own limitations. I am wonderful, and I deserve and accept all the good that life has to offer.” You are willing to go beyond your own limitations. You are wonderful and you deserve and accept all the good that life has to offer.

So all right. Thank you so much for joining me here for this divine inspiration. And I do hope that you have found it divinely inspirational. And if so, please do remember to like, comment, share, subscribe., click the bell to receive notification of future video uploads and updates. And if you’re already a current subscriber, thank you so much. I truly love and appreciate you all very much, and I truly cherish and treasure deeply having you in my life and spending this time together with me.

Please also connect with me at where you can find blog posts, eBooks, additional inspirational content. So thank you so much again, and I wish you many beautiful blessings, and I look forward to you knowing that you deserve good in your life and you allowing yourself to accept in all the good that life has to offer because you know that you’re worthy of it and you are One with Source itself. Therefore, you are One with infinite worth. And that is who you really, truly are within the innermost depths of your being, and whole existence.

So all right. Again, thank you so much and I wish you many beautiful blessings.

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