How To Manifest Anything You Desire - Effortless Law of Attraction Through The Power of Receptivity
Conscious Manifestation

How To *Manifest* Anything You Desire

Video Transcript:

Your greatest power dwells not in strain or struggle, or in trying to control the outcome (with the need to “control” being the same as “straining and struggling”), and neither is your greatest power found in “trying really hard,” or “pushing really hard” (against the unwanted, or for what is desired), and your greatest power is not found through “working really hard,” or “fighting really hard” to achieve something, which is all the same, with all of these being an ineffective use of personal power and based from a mistaken underlying belief that there is a need to try to earn or prove your worth and worthiness of receiving the good that your heart desires (with the need to try to “prove” your worth still being based from a belief that you need to EARN your worth, and with the belief that you need to earn worth being the same as a belief that you need to earn LOVE), but rather….

Your greatest power, your true personal power, and the true strength of it, is based in your willingness to surrender to the acceptance of what you desire to receive.

Your greatest power, is the power of receptivity. You find your true power in the effortless magnetism of your most inherent natural ability to RECEIVE. Which is the most powerful magnetic, attractive force in all creation, because it is one and the same with the essence of all creation, which is LOVE.

Your true personal power is based in how willing you are to simply just BE the graciousness of the truth of who you really are, in total self-acceptance of your truth of worthiness and deservingness of love, that you are absolutely lovable and good enough just as you are, right here, right now, in this very moment, to receive and let in what you desire.

Ultimately your true power, is in how willing you are to drop all strain and struggle, any need to control, and just surrender to the truth of lovability and the love that you are and allow yourself to receive it.

Your power is one and the same with your willingness to surrender to the effortless receiving of your heart’s desires.

Your softened surrender to effortless receiving IS your power!

There is great power in softness, and in Allowing Flow. And in “Allowing” itself. Because when we talk about “Allowing” and the “Art of Allowing,” what that really is, is about Allowing Flow, it’s about allowing your natural receptivity to what you desire, and just allowing that receptivity to be there, just allowing that openness to be there – allowing that “Opening” (welcome) TO JUST BE THERE… and it is the power of softness, firmly grounded softness, and how this effortlessly allows in what you desire, and yourself to receive love.

And this does require trust, because so much that drives that need to control and strain and struggle, and try really hard, and push really hard for things that you desire, is that of not trusting, and what’s more, not trusting deep down, that you really are lovable and that you deserve what you desire in your heart just as you are without having to do anything to change yourself or be different, that you are already worthy and deserving.

The receiving of your heart’s desires, is not an intellectual process – it’s about emotional acceptance. It’s not an analytical process. There’s nothing to figure out. It’s simply opening up and allowing yourself to effortlessly receive that in the now, and being willing to do that. Plain and simple. And yet, powerfully so.

And your openness to receive – your openness to receive what you desire, is one and the same energetically and spiritually speaking, AS the manifestation itself.

Surrender now to the effortless receiving of your every heart’s desire. And melt softly into the sweet Divine ecstasy of blissful effortless receiving. The ease is real.

This is the joy of letting go into total soul acceptance of your every heart’s desire.

It is when you Slow Down that you *SPEED UP* manifestation and can feel the pristine timelessness of your being rapidly manifesting your desires. It is through softly leaning back into the Wholeness of Love that you are, that you receive your every heart’s desire, because you have learned to graciously receive, and you have become fully conscious of the fact that you ARE the manifestation, that you are the fullest timeless fruition, of your every heart’s desire.

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