Profound Self-Acceptance and Self-Allowing Are A Gateway To Manifesting With The Law of Attraction
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How Profound “Self” Acceptance Is A Gateway To Manifesting Your Desires ~ Relax Into Self-“Allowing”

Video Transcript:

Welcome to Allowing Flowering – Embodying your true identity as the field of infinite possibilities where you are already one with your every heart’s desire and the most expansive love of all. So let’s look in and see what divine inspiration would like to come through for you right now. Why have you attracted the watching of this video? You’ve intuitively attracted to watching this video for a reason, so let’s find out why.

“I am a vibrational being in a vibrational environment.” “You are even in your physical expression of flesh, blood, and bone a vibrational being and everything you experience in your physical environment is vibrational. And it is only through your ability to translate vibration that you are able to understand your physical world at all.”

So much in your ability to understand, to translate vibration, that’s all about listening to your feelings. What vibrations, what vibes, what feelings are you feeling within your body and in response to certain people, situations, environments? That is your key, your clue in, so to speak, of the vibrational essence of it. And is that a match to what you desire?

It feels there is a message here of really noticing with sensitivity, with great care and awareness as to the effect that certain people, situations and environments really have upon you. And it’s so common that, I feel for many people, that there’s this inclination to just kind of stuff it down, try to brace yourself and just bear it because of the harsh or negative energies that sometimes we encounter and see in our world and society as a common theme that have become so quote/unquote “normal,” but it’s really not normal because truly the most “NORMAL-normal” is healthy and good and positive and resonant with the source energy that is within and in behind all things that may be showing up on the screen of space, whether we can readily notice it showing up on the screen of space in a given moment, if that makes sense.

So I feel here, yes, it is very much so about self-care. Really, this is about listening to your body and your feelings – and your feelings are messengers of your body, whether it’s a physical feeling in your body, physical sensation, or whether it’s an emotional feeling in your body or an emotional sensation. It’s about listening to the messages of your body, how you really feel, and creating healthy boundaries that work for you, that are right for you in your life in general, but when it comes to these vibrational environments and vibrational elements.

It’s really about opening up your awareness to a whole new level of relationship with your own body, with your own intuition, with your own feelings, because they’re guiding you as to what is good for you and what is in alignment with what you desire and as to what is not.

And when it comes to that which is not good for you or not healthy for you or not a good vibrational match to what you desire, there’s all the more need for healthy boundaries and to set limits and to, in some cases, just flat out say, “No” entirely.

There’s a very simple, yet very powerful truth, in that there is much value in learning to accept that, “No” is a complete sentence and that you can say, “No.”

We can say, “No,” to something that does not feel right for us, that is not in alignment with what we desire, and there’s no need for explanation. The whole desire or inclination or feeling that there’s a need for explanation would be coming from a place of guilt and that would only be there if we are not fully embracing the truth of our true worth, if we’re doubting ourselves and our right, our ability or our right to receive the good that we desire in our lives, to take care of ourselves, to have healthy self-care. And I feel that’s such a powerful central message that’s coming through here.

And by the way, for those of you that are among those who like to know what decks are being used, this first card that we’ve pulled is from the, “Ask and It Is Given” cards – and now we are also about to pull a positive affirmation card from Louise Hay’s, “Heart Thoughts” cards.

“I accept all that I have created for myself.” “I am a divine, magnificent expression of life, and I deserve the very best. I accept miracles. I accept healing. I accept wholeness. And, most of all, I accept myself.” And this message for you – You are a divine, magnificent expression of life. You deserve the very best. You accept miracles. You accept healing. You accept wholeness. And, most of all, you accept yourself.

And with this here, you may have heard me say before in the past… There’s two things.

The ultimate experience, the ultimate form and experience of quote/unquote “self-love,” is recognizing that within your very essence, You ARE Love, and you’re the timeless, eternal, infinite, boundless love of Source itself, of the Divine itself in your very nature, in your very presence, in your very essence. And yes, self-love can be about how we care for ourselves. This is a message of self-care… Healthy self-care, and a need for healthy boundaries and honoring yourself. So self-love can be in self-care and how you treat yourself.

There’s so much that self-love and self-care can be about and how you treat yourself and so on. And again, it’s also true that the ultimate form and experience of self-love is knowing, embracing that awareness and allowing it to flow through you, the absolute truth and the highest spiritual truth that in your very essence, you are the infinite love of the universe and beyond, the All That Is of the Divine itself.

And also too, there is this with self-acceptance. “And, most of all, I accept myself.” And, most of all, you accept yourself. That is your truth from now on, if you choose for it to be.

Now, when it comes to manifesting your desires, any desire of your heart, everything that you could ever ask for and beyond, has already been given in advance. Within your inner most landscape, within your inner most emotional landscape and beyond, you are already one with the field of infinite possibilities where every heart’s desire that you could ever have, every answered prayer, has already been given, has already been answered in advance, into infinity. It’s already here for you. All good is already here for you within the inner most interior, inner most emotional interior of your own true spiritual heart.

And therefore, whenever you are accepting a desire of your heart and that it has already been created for you, ultimately by accepting that desire, you are also accepting yourself.

If you aren’t allowing in a desire of your heart, that is on some level a part of you that is not accepting yourself because that desire flowered up from within you and that desire is an expression of your soul. It’s a part of you. And what’s more, that desire of your heart within you, you’re already one with it. You’re already one with your every heart’s desire.

So if there is resistance to something that you desire to manifest in your life, and you find it difficult to manifest it, there’s a part of you that could be unconsciously- but there’s a part of you that would thereby be resisting it, resisting that desire. And therefore in resisting that desire, there’s a part of you that is resisting accepting yourself because you are already one with your every heart’s desire.

So case in point being that, whenever you accept the desires of your heart, you open up and you’re willing to allow in what you desire into your life. You allow it to manifest. You allow it to flower through you. You accept that it’s already here for you timelessly within this infinite field of infinite possibilities that you really are in your True Self. It is also along that same premise of an ultimate form of self-acceptance. You accept the desire. You allow it to flower, and it is you accepting yourself on a certain level as well through accepting in and allowing yourself to receive that desire of your heart.

So the central message here, the divine insight, divine inspiration, the divine message here, this really feels strongly about you taking care of yourself. You loving yourself and knowing your worth enough, owning your worth enough, to acknowledge, to pay attention to the vibrations of those around you, people, situations, environments, and the effects that those vibrations have upon you. And then setting healthy boundaries and being able to acknowledge that you deserve the very best and that this is what you’re accepting now. “I am a divine magnificent expression of life, and I deserve the very best. I accept miracles. I accept healing. I accept wholeness and most of all, I accept myself.”

And again here for you, you are a divine magnificent expression of life. And you are, you are a unique individualized vibration and expression of the one life, the one love, the one All That Is field of infinite possibilities of all goodness, of all good. And you deserve the very best.

On a very deep level, you’re already one with all of life. You’re already one with the divine. The divine is ultimate worth itself. And this means that your worth is innate and infinite. And not only are you worthy and do you have worth, you’re made of worth itself. You are made of divine worth, divine worthiness.

So of course, you deserve the very best. You’re worthy of accepting miracles because you’re made of the energy of miracles. Of course, you accept healing because you’re made of divine well-being. And of course, you accept wholeness because you’re already one with the wholeness of love that is infinite supply, infinite goodness, infinite love. And most of all, you accept yourself. And that is why you are coming into this place within yourself where you’re honoring how you really feel and setting healthy boundaries. You’re noticing the effects that different situations, people, and environments, etc., have upon you, listening to the messages of your body, and setting healthy boundaries in accordance with what is right for you.

It feels like this is a time of cleansing, letting go of old energies, old vibrations that have bogged you down, where you’re being given the opportunity to expand into greater levels of wholeness and well-being and allowing of goodness into your life without limit. And such a big part of this is about freeing yourself from those old energies and situations, people, toxic energy in the world. Protecting yourself from it by coming into greater alignment with the divine and true wholeness within you and expressing yourself with love from this place of divine inner authority within yourself over your own life and what you choose to create in your life, what you choose to allow to be in your life.

Again, setting those healthy boundaries. And there is this whole thing with, “focusing on what you want, not on what you don’t want,” and there can be so much truth to that. AND… It’s also true that in clarifying and fine tuning upon what you Don’t Want, you’re setting a HEALTHY BOUNDARY where you are thereby better enabled to then actually choose what you do want and then place your focus upon the allowing of yourself to emotionally receive that in this moment, so it flowers up beautifully in your life.

So, all right. Thank you so very much for joining me for this time of divine inspiration and I do hope that you have found this helpful.

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So, all right, thank you so very much for joining me here, and I wish you many beautiful blessings and allowing of flowerings of the beautiful good that you desire in your life.

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