Be The Essence Of Your Desire Which Is Always Love Manifesting Into Expression
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Be The Essence Of Your Desire Which Is Always Love Manifesting Into Expression

Video Transcript:

Welcome to Allowing Flowering, which is all about embodying your true identity as the field of infinite possibilities, where you are already One with your every heart’s desire, and with the most expansive love of all. Thank you so much for joining me here for this time of Divine inspiration.

So, you have intuitively attracted the watching of this video for a reason, so let’s find out why. “I am attracting its vibrational essence.” “You can allow it or not, but the basis of your world is Well-being. The law of attraction says, ‘That which is like unto itself is drawn.’ And so, the essence of whatever you give your attention to is unfolding in your experience; therefore, there is nothing that you cannot be, do or have. This is law.”

Okay, let’s also go ahead, we’re going to get to that a little bit more, but let’s go ahead and pull a “Heart Thoughts” card, a Louise Hay, “Heart Thoughts” card, positive affirmation. What positive affirmation wants to come through for you right now? “I am Pure Spirit.” “I recognize the true beauty of my being. I am the spirit of love shining brightly.” This feels like a strong message here. You are powerfully attracting love and it feels that on a certain level, that to be attracting love is really … it’s you flowing love from within yourself out into your external -seeming external- reality. But ultimately, “attracting”, it’s really … yes, you’re attracting it. You’re attracting love. You’re attracting it, but you’re also flowering it through you.

And that is what makes it appear to be attracted to you on the outside, so to speak, in your external circumstances. And so, we say attracting, well, you’re really attracting it from within yourself, from within the field of infinite possibilities that is inherent within your innermost emotional landscape.

You are Pure Spirit. You recognize the true beauty of your being. You are the spirit of love shining brightly.

And I keep getting that, intuitively, it really feels so powerful here that you are attracting love in some way or another, that new love is about to come flooding into your life. And it feels like on some level you know this already, like something is already in the works, if that makes sense, and the guidance here is that whenever you are … it’s confirmation that you’re on the right path, and that whenever you are connected with the feelings within yourself that you desire to experience in your experience of outer reality, that you know that you are on the right track.

You can just feel the inner confirmation, the inner assurance of that. And whenever you go into those feelings now, preemptively going there, feeling that preemptive gratitude, thanks in advance for this receiving of your heart’s desire, knowing that it will soon show up in your physical reality, you are in sync with the natural harmonious Oneness with the Pure Havingness of your desire, you know it’s on its way, and you know it because you’re willing to go there and “feel it real” now. Which is your connection point with infinite possibilities – With “now” being your connection point with All Being Possible, where All Is Possible.

You’re willing to “feel it real” now by getting into the feeling state of having this love and all of these different forms of love – All good stems from Love at the highest level. Love is the Source of all provision in the highest spiritual sense of looking at it. And so, whether it is a love in itself as in relationships, romance, or other forms of love, or love in terms of fulfillment in your job, or in your work/career, or in any other area of your life, or with any other form of good or goodness that you desire to experience in your life, that is a flowering of love showing up in your life.

And whenever you get into that feeling state of having it now, what it feels like to have it now, you are in the moment, in real time, literally energetically, literally allowing the flowering of it, allowing the flowering of the physical manifestation of it too, because the emotional receiving of the essence of it now is one-and-the-same as the manifestation. You emotionally receiving it right now in this moment of now is one-and-the-same with the manifestation. That is what “makes it flower up” in your physical reality, or appear to flower up in your physical reality, within your field of physical perception, because ultimately you are already One with every heart’s desire that you can ever think of or fathom into infinity. You’re already One with All Good. It’s all already here now.

So, it’s a matter of choosing it through feeling as though you have it now and that is done through, again, the emotional receiving of it in this moment now that then causes it to flower up and appear to appear in physical reality, which is really a matter of, it’s not so much physical reality “changing”, as it is on the inside, you’re experiencing an inner change that causes you and your perception to be able to see in physical reality made manifest that your desire is already here because it is already here.

It’s all already been created into infinity. It’s all already been made manifest. It’s just a matter of, okay, all this good is already here now all around you. It’s just a matter of – Can you see it in your field of physical perception? And again, when you make that inner shift, it’s not so much that, okay, it manifests in your physical reality. I mean, yes it does, but in a higher, more expanded sense of it that’s not just all that’s happening.

What’s really happening is that suddenly you become enabled to see the truth that it’s already here now. It seems to enter your field of physical perception because your spiritual eyes within you become open to being able to see it. And as you open your spiritual eyes and you recognize it is all already here now, all infinite good and your desire is already here for you already made manifest, it is that inner shift that creates the outer shift (or “seeming outer shift”, because really, the inner shift and the outer shift are the same), and this inner shift, this expanded inner awareness, it opens up to where your physical eyes can see what your spiritual eyes can already see and know the truth of.

You are Pure Spirit. “I am Pure Spirit.” You are Pure Spirit. That is who you truly are. That is your True Self. “I recognize the true beauty of my being. I am the spirit of love shining brightly.” You recognize the true beauty of your being. You are the spirit of love shining brightly. And I really feel like there are just oceanic currents of love just pouring through into manifestation, into the field of physical perception where you can see them.

And it does feel so powerfully, love or relationships, romance, and the romance of the Universe, just spiritual love and spiritual romance are opening up and it feels like this is being attracted. You are attracting its vibrational essence of this Love and of all of the infinite good that you desire that is within this Love. And I feel like if there is a specific desire that is desired in this moment and you’re watching this and you know what that desire is, I feel like this is Divine confirmation for you. You’re attracting its vibrational essence. You’re letting it in. You’re allowing that constant stream of Wellbeing bringing you endless good. You’re allowing it to flower open in your experience. “There is nothing that you cannot be, do or have. You can be, do and have anything that you desire.” That’s the truth. It’s not just a nice, inspirational, a kind, sentimental kind word. I mean, it is absolutely the truth in spiritual truth of who you really are.

All right. Thank you so very much for joining me here for this Divine inspiration, and if you do find this content inspirational, please do remember to like, comment, share, subscribe, click the bell to receive notification of future video uploads and updates, and if you’re already a current subscriber, thank you so much, I truly love and appreciate you very much, and I value, cherish, and treasure deeply having you in my life.

So, all right, thank you so much for joining me and I wish you many beautiful blessings and all of this beautiful love here that wants to come through for you. These oceanic currents of love showing up in many beautiful, joyous ways in your life, that feels easy and fun and beautiful and gorgeous and glorious and so blessed. Wishing you many beautiful allowing of flowerings of all of your desired good in your life.

Connect with the freedom of your true spirit and gracefully receive a generous stream of fulfilled heart’s desires.

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