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Allowing Joyful New Channels of Financial Supply & Money Flow, Prosperity & Abundance

Video Transcript:

Welcome to Allowing Flowering. Embodying your true identity as the field of infinite possibilities, where you are already One with your every heart’s desire, and with the most expansive love of all. Thank you so much for joining me here. Let’s look in for some divine inspiration.

Why have you intuitively attracted the watching of this video? What message is here for you right now? “I will reach for the best feeling thought I have access to.” “Always be reaching for the feeling of relief that comes when you release a more resistant thought and replace it with a more allowing, better feeling thought. The stream of well-being is always flowing through you and the more you allow it, the better you feel. The more you resist it, the worse you feel.”

Now, let’s go ahead also and pull a “Heart Thoughts” card, a positive affirmation as well here. “I rejoice in my employment.” “I appreciate the opportunity to help, contribute to, or serve others. I connect with the creativity of the universe and allow it to flow through me in fulfilling ways.”

I feel like there’s a theme here, and someone may need to hear this message here. If you have been feeling negative feelings, bad feeling feelings, or they don’t feel good about your job or your place of employment, you have a very powerful message here as well. Very specifically, here, in that as you connect with Source within you, you are allowing the creativity of the universe to flow through you in fulfilling ways.

If you get yourself, as you, place yourself in this alignment, this can open things up for you to have more fulfillment in your work, the positive changes that you seek in your job or employment. That can even open up, open the door to brand new possibilities suddenly manifesting in your life, new opportunities for improvement in your current job, or, potentially even an entire change of employment. A better job showing up for you. Or, a job to begin with if you’re looking for a job that is fulfilling to you. But I feel that this is really about you moving in a more fulfilling direction in regard to your job and employment. And knowing that your job, your place of employment, or your quote/unquote “source” of employment is not your SOURCE of employment.

Source is your source, at all times, for all of your needs. It is not your job or your place of employment that is truly, energetically, in the higher sense of things, your source of prosperity, or your source of abundance, or your source of money flow. Source is always your source for everything. And that includes your money flow.

Your job, or current job, or a job in general, may be a “channel” through which Source flows through prosperity to you into your life, and money flow into your life. But the job is the channel. It’s important to remember this. Your job or place of employment may be your Channel, but it is not your Source. It may be a channel in your life for money to flow in to you, but it is not your ultimate source. Source is your ultimate source, and that is within you. That Source is within you.

Now, as you connect with Source within you, the more purely your connection with Source within you, with the natural well-being that is who you really are, the more joyful and fulfilling your work situation, any other area of your life becomes, including your work situation, job, employment, etc., and so on.

Whenever there’s a lot of negative thinking, limited thinking, negative feelings, or just, say, thoughts or feelings that are not a match, or in harmony, with what it is that you desire to experience or especially what you desire to feel, this can clog up the energy, so to speak, and it can cause the channels through which your prosperity or money flow “flow” to you, to kind of become ick-ed up with vibrations that don’t feel good and don’t match what you want, AKA, that can mean an unfulfilling job, or a job that you’re not happy with.

Therefore, again, the more purely you are aligned with Source within yourself and the good feelings that you want to feel, that you’re already One with -you’re One with your every heart’s desire, and that is the truest truth of you- the more purely you’re connected with Source within you, and ultimately, whether you’re even consciously thinking about your job, or focusing on the topic of your job or money flow, just being connected with Source within yourself, in and of itself, can be enough and powerful enough to bring positive changes into your life.

So, you can focus on good feelings of how you want to feel in your job, or the type of job that you want to have, and feel good about that, sure. You can use your focus in that way. That’s a very positive and good thing to do. But I want you to know that it’s also very powerful, that just being connected with Source within you can manifest and bring spontaneous manifestation of your desires, including in your work, and again, in any area of your life.

And I also say this, too, because a lot of times as humans we can get so hung up in our own intellectualism, and intellectualizing something, analyzing something, even trying to focus on what we desire, and we get so caught up in trying to force positive thinking sometimes, and that’s not what’s getting you what you want. Forcing positive thinking is Not where it’s at. It’s not what it’s about, and it’s not helpful, and it just works against you. It stalls you. Delays you. I want you to experience the fullness of your heart’s desires and to experience the blessings that are yours, and that life and the ultimate source of all good has in store for you.

Again, another reason I say this is because it’s so easy sometimes to get caught up in this perception of trying to just focus really hard on what you desire, and it’s just glaring in your face, that what you don’t desire, and so you’re trying to push against it, mentally force against it, contrive it, and that’s just not helping. It’s not the pathway or approach to get where you want.

The pathway and approach to get to what you desire is to connect back within you, within yourself, with Source within you. And you may find it easy at times to focus on what you desire and feel the good feelings about it, but trying to force positive thinking doesn’t produce the feelings that you desire. And you can even think the most quote/unquote “positive” thoughts in the world, you can think perfectly of what you desire, you can form the most fabulous, eloquently worded, positive affirmations, and it is like spinning your wheels if you’re not getting into the feeling of how you want to feel, and opening and allowing yourself to feel how you want to feel.

If you find that it’s difficult to get into the feeling tone of how you desire to feel, one way to do that, and to accomplish that, is to get yourself into your natural connection with Source. I actually have a blog post about this. I think it’s titled something along the line of, “Why Placing Your Inner Connection With Source First, Creates An Opening For Instant Manifestation.” And it’s kind of along the same premise.

That whenever you align with Source within yourself first, whether you’re actively focusing on what you desire or not, ultimately it’s good news, and helpful in that you’re not in a place of resistance. That allows what you desire, even if you’re not consciously thinking about it, to begin spontaneously flowering into manifestation, just by virtue of your inner connection alignment with Source within you, and putting that first. And so here, this is about opening yourself.

Another thing I wanted to say here, I don’t want to forget this because it’s powerful and it’s important, in that whenever you might find it challenging to get into the feeling of having what you desire and feeling it as though you have it now, which, again, quote/unquote “feeling is the secret,” whenever you might find it difficult to get into that good feeling that you want and wish to feel, one powerful way of helping to resolve this issue is to let it be okay to just completely surrender into, melt into, remembrance of the true inner power that you are, that you are One with, which is, again, Source within you.

Really letting it be okay to say, “You know what? This feeling doesn’t feel good. I’m in resistance to what I want. The feeling doesn’t feel good, and doesn’t match how I want to feel. But my feelings are valid. I can love myself anyway in this moment, too. And I can know that it is possible to receive what I desire, and I can let it be okay to allow myself to open up right now in this moment to receiving the good feelings that I desire to be feeling.”

This can help bring you out of that resistance, and at least lessen it. And this feels important, too. Grounding yourself, connecting with physicality, feeling the present moment, feeling your feet against the ground or the floor, feeling the chair supporting you, reaching out and touching your hand on the table or a solid object, help bring yourself into the present moment, out of the clutch of the imprisonment of head-space. Bring yourself out of the prison of the intellect, as it is called sometimes.

Reference and really bring yourself into the present moment and feel the connection now. Because, you know what? Relaxing… There can be so much resistance, or “I can’t relax. I need this to happen.” But guess what? Relaxation is the same thing as Receiving. Relaxation is the same thing as Allowing.

Whenever you relax, you’re in pure allowing. There’s no resistance. And you’re in pure connection with Source, and you are allowing your true identity to emerge. Your true identity as the field of infinite possibilities where you are already One with your every heart’s desire, with all infinite good, and with the most expansive love of all, and with everything that you could ever desire. And you’re in this field, as this field, of all infinite good, allowing the flowering – allowing the spontaneous flowering of all of your desired good to manifest. There is so much power in relaxation for so many reasons, and for this reason as well.

So, alright. you are opening up new channels. A new channel, or new “channels,” that are blessed and resonant with the positive, good feelings that you desire to be feeling for Source to flow through your source of supply, financial supply, and fulfillment in regard to your job, in regard to your prosperity, your abundance, your money flow. And you are connecting. “I connect with the creativity of the universe and allow it to flow through me in fulfilling ways.” You are connecting with the creativity of the universe, it’s boundless, infinite good, and allowing it to flow through you in fulfilling ways, in your job, and in all areas of your life, and within your very existence in itself. “I rejoice in my employment.” You rejoice in your employment.

You are reaching for the best feeling thought you have access to. And even if that means, “Even though I may be feeling this feeling right now, it doesn’t feel good, but, my feelings are valid and I’m going to acknowledge my feelings and my authenticity. How I truly feel is valid, and I will also know that I can love myself in this moment, too, and know that it is possible for me to receive what I desire, and to feel better, and to allow the good in.”

And you are. You are doing that. You’re allowing the good in. Rejoicing in your employment, and allowing this creativity to flow through you, and bring you many beautiful, fulfilling blessings, again, in your work, in your channels of financial abundance, in your money flow, and in every area of your life, and all things good.

So alright, thank you so much for joining me here. I do hope that you have found this divine inspiration “divinely inspiring,” and if you have, please do remember to like, comment, share, subscribe. Click the bell to receive notification of future video uploads and updates, other content. And if you are already a current subscriber, thank you very much. I truly love and appreciate you all very much, and I truly treasure and cherish deeply having you in my life.

Please also do connect with me over at You can find blog posts, eBooks, additional inspirational content, and so on, and continue flowering open to your true soul, and allowing the timeless eternal fullness of blessings that is already here for you now, that you are One with, to flower up beautifully in your life. So, alright. Thank you so much, and I wish you many, many beautiful blessings.

Softly relax open and generously receive infinite money flow, unlimited abundance, and all things good.

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