Relationship Advice on Allowing Love to Sweetly Flower Open
Love and Relationships

Allowing Flow In Relationships and Why It’s So Powerful

Relationship Advice on Allowing Love to Sweetly Flower Open In Your Life.

Love and relating, are ALL ABOUT “Flow.” “Love,” is a flowering of beauty. An expression of “essence.” An outpouring of heart-blessing graciousness. A deeply soul-nourishing vitalization. It is pure emotional nourishment. And it is PRESENCE. A soft, beautiful, space of Presence.

Being too “rigid” with a directive to control in love and relationships is one of the greatest blocks to love, and to the course of a relationship’s “unfoldment.” Its growth. Its process of becoming strong and whole. Its journey within the whole nature of reality… Which is the essence of, “Flowering.”

A “relationship,” is a living presence, and should be regarded and treated as such.

Because Love is a Presence – Presence itself, it cannot be “controlled.” It cannot be forced, or coerced, it can only be Accepted. Received. ALLOWED.

Allowed to be.

Allowed to flow…

Allowed to flower!

It is pretty common for many of us to question, “how to find love,” or “how to make love work,” “how to make a relationship work.”

Some say that love and relationships are not easy, and that love takes “work.” That a relationship requires a lot of hard work.

The truth, is actually quite the opposite.

Because the harder you, “work,” the harder you “try,” the more resistance you are generating on account of the fact that the energy of working and trying “so hard” (straining and struggling) to make something happen, to find love, or to make a relationship work, the more – you guessed it – you are trying to CONTROL it, which does not work, since love and the flowering of a relationship is all about FLOW – the OPPOSITE of “control.”

Finding love, and relationship success, they do not require hard work. This is a misunderstanding, albeit a pretty common mainstream one.

The simple truth is, that love and the health of a relationship require EASE.

Ease, and flow.


Openness to receive.

Another common misconception is that love is something that we either find, or don’t find.

But in truth, love is not something that you are either lucky or fortunate to find or unfortunate enough to not find, but rather, love is something that we either open to, or we do not open to.

Love is a presence that we either open ourselves to receive, or we don’t.

It is already natural for us to, “allow love,” because we ARE Love.

Your very presence, your very essence, is MADE of love.

And while, “self-love,” can include many factors, you will discover that as you become aware of the simple yet profound truth that within your very essence, you are the ultimate state of “All-Love,” the One All-Inclusive Love that is Life itself – That you are already, just as you are, innately the presence of Love within your very own presence, within your very own being, and existence itself… And you will have discovered the ultimate experience of “Self” Love.

The “Love,” that is living AS YOU.

You will have discovered the spiritual essence of Love that is your “Self,” living as a unique vibration and individualization of the One All-Inclusive Spirit of Love. All-ness. Oneness of Creation.

The Love that you are, is loving you now.


Open your heart and receive this rich blessing of love that is the timeless truth of you.

It is showing up for a relationship, for an opportunity for “connection,” from the awareness that love is a presence that you are, that love is presence itself, OPENNESS itself, that you are automatically in a state of naturally “Allowing” Love to Flow.

There is no need to try to control it.

It is already your most “natural” state….

To attempt to control or force it, would be to RESIST it. To DISALLOW love from flowing, which is something that love (and all creation), already naturally do.

It is through the “space” of love, through the “spaciousness” of love, that CONNECTION is found.

It is through Presence, and Allowing Presence.

Allowing Presence to be. As it already naturally is.

This is sometimes where many of us may find ourselves feeling uncomfortable.

Because whenever we allow presence, whenever we show up in this way, 100% authentic, completely transparent, no walls or distractions to love, no resistance to love, but instead, we are showing up revealed as a state of total openness as love, that fears of love may tend to arise.

Commonly that may be, feeling unworthy or undeserving of love.

Which is also in essence, to feel unworthy or undeserving of LIFE, because the very presence of Life, is LOVE, and the very presence of Life, is also the very presence of You.  

And since you ARE love, and your very essence is MADE of love, ONE with ALL Love, to foster a belief in unworthiness or undeservedness of love would be to believe that you are unworthy or undeserving of YOURSELF. And of the presence of love that you are.

You are a unique vibration, a unique expression, of the One Life, that is One Love, that is a state of Infinite Love, Abundance, Blessings, and All-Good.

Of course you are “worthy” and “deserving” of Love and all forms of love (all blessings), because you are worthy of YOU! You are worthy of your TRUE SELF, which is a unique expression of the Infinite Fullness of the One Loving Source of All Life, which IS the presence of Life itself.

You are not ONLY JUST “worthy,” you are Infinitely Worthy, and Innately Worthy, as you are INNATE WORTH – INNATE INFINITE WORTH. Your very presence is a state of innate inner worth. You are MADE of worth itself, and that worth is infinite.

As you “show up” for a relationship, as you show up for love, and for possibilities where “connection” can be made in love, remember that the very essence of you IS LOVE, and that it is, “the space that connects you.”

It is the “absence of trying to control” that connects you. It is the space, it is the OPENNESS, the freedom, the “letting go of trying to control,” the total surrender to the openness of love that you are, that connects you.

This “space,” is truly, Love’s spaciousness presence. Love’s sweet spaciousness of the heart.

And this is also, to Allow Flow. To allow love to flower. To simply, allow love. Through allowing presence, and being presence.

You can begin right now, unclenching the reigns on love, and instead, allowing it in.

Allowing love to flow.

Allowing the healing power of love to flow freely.

Allowing the oceanic presence of love to be, as it naturally is. As it ALREADY naturally is, without any need to try to push or control it.

Instead, “Flow It…”

Flow it *THROUGH* surrendering “control” and trading in all of that “hard work” (strain and struggle) that is really resistance and ineffective use of power, and instead, Allow Ease, which is to ALLOW POWER. All the power of your true presence, which is the presence of Love, the essence of Love, the power of Love, to beautifully “flower” your desired relationship experiences for you – spontaneously – of which allowing spontaneity, is the exact opposite of attempting to enforce control…

The whole essence of “Flowering,” is about allowing spontaneity.

True “Allowing” is to allow your desires an open space of complete freedom to spontaneously manifest within the full openness of presence.

This spaciousness of presence is where the connection, as well as the passion, excitement, and genuine feelings of solidness and security in love are most powerfully felt and known.

Be still within, and know. And allow Love’s spontaneous flowering to bring you the loving experiences and relationship unfoldment that you desire.

You are Already One with your every heart’s desire made manifest…. into infinity. 

It has already been created for you, in timeless truth, in quantum truth, even if it has not yet shown up within your field of physical perception.

Be open to receive it now.

Begin now living from the solid inner knowing of the absolute truth, that it is always possible for what you desire to joyously spring to life and flower up beautifully for you in any given moment, because you are already One with it.

Which is the ultimate state of 100% PURE ALLOWING, non-resistance, and magnetic receptive power.

The pure essence of Life is a state of Ease.

Love is a state of Ease. And you are this Ease.

Ease is this moment.

Love is this moment.

Love and ease are Always this moment…

YOU are this moment, and you are Always this moment.

And this moment, is already beginning to sweetly flower love, and all that you desire in love, into your life.

Emotionally-receive” it now.

Emotionally receive the pure essence of this sweet, ever-present, always-flowing current of love.

Drink it in deeply into your soul. And watch with a feeling of gratitude as Love’s beautifully sweet, richly fragrant *BLOOMS* begin to brighten your whole world…

And magically transform your experience of what it means to be in a relationship.

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