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Allow Yourself To Be Filled With “Self” & Discover That Self Is Love

Video Transcript:

Welcome to Allowing Flowering, which is all about embodying your true identity as the field of infinite possibilities, where you are already One with your every heart’s desire, and with the most expansive love of all. Thank you so much for joining me here. Thank you so much for joining me for this time of Divine inspiration. You’ve intuitively attracted the watching of this video for a reason, so let’s find out why. What Divine insight, Divine guidance, wants to come through for you? Divine inspiration.

Okay, pulling from the bottom of the deck. “I am selfish enough to want to feel good.” “You cannot perceive life from any perspective other than that of yourself. Selfishness is the sense of Self. Unless you are selfish enough to care about how you feel and therefore direct your thoughts in such a way that you are allowing a true connection to your inner being, you have nothing to give another, anyway. Everyone is selfish. It is not possible to be otherwise.” And this is really about understanding what quote/unquote, “selfishness” really means within this context or connotation. There’s a difference between “selfish” as in only caring about ourselves, and a difference between being selfish in the sense of actually being willing to CARE about ourselves.

And of course, as you’re well aware of in the world, there’s this whole idea that it’s wrong to be selfish. And no, you don’t want to be selfish in the sense that you only care about yourself, or you don’t care about others, or how you treat others. Of course, you want to come from a place of respect because whenever you respect yourself, you just naturally tend to be respectful of others in general. And so, really this is about self-care. It’s about being willing to not let other people, their selfishness in the negative connotation of the word, affect your ability for healthy self-care and for caring about yourself and how you feel, and tending to that in a healthy way. So, that’s a very powerful message here.

And oftentimes we do see people, or you may have at some point in your life witnessed where someone would accuse you of being selfish whenever you sought to care for yourself in a healthy way, to take care of yourself emotionally or in any way in a healthy way. And they would accuse you of being selfish when in actuality it was they who were being selfish in wanting you to lower your healthy boundaries and just do what they wanted, regardless of the impact that it had upon you, the drain, the energetic consequences that it would have for you, or emotional consequences, etc.

So again here and very much so, you being willing to actually be… there’s this phrase, often used with a negative connotation, of someone who is quote/unquote, “full of themselves.” And there is that spin on it, of someone who is arrogant, but that’s not what we’re talking about here whenever we say to be “full” of your “Self” in the true, authentic, positive, spiritual connotation, context, meaning of that. Which means to really allow your True Self to fill you up from the inside, to be filled with your True Self, which is Life itself; the Divine Life within you and the Fullness of this Life and all of the infinite possibilities therein. And allowing the infinite good of it to fill you up from the inside.

We’re also going to pull a card from the Louise Hay, “How to Love Yourself” cards. What positive affirmation does the Divine want to share with you right now? Pulling from the bottom of the deck. “I know inwardly what is right for me.” “I look in the mirror and say to myself, ‘I deserve all good. I deserve to be prosperous. I deserve joy. I deserve love.'” And these are so resonant here, these messages here.

Being willing to love yourself, to give to yourself, to indulge in and engage in, to begin with, healthy self-care, regardless of whether somebody else wants to manipulate you into believing, and yes, I did say manipulate you into believing, that you’re selfish, to actually emotionally take responsibility for caring for yourself in a healthy way, which ironically, usually those who are accusing you of being selfish for that are the ones who won’t take responsibility for their own lives and project that onto others, and expect others to make up for their lack of taking care of themselves in the way that they should be emotionally in a healthy way. Looking to others to do that. But you doing that for yourself, and that’s a good thing for you to do this for yourself. It’s good for you to care for yourself. You deserve your own love.

And what’s more, you deserve the Love That You Are. To allow your inner self, your whole body and being and beyond; every cell, organ, tissue, bone, every part of you, to fill up with the Divine Life Essence that you really are, that you’re One with and that you are in your True Self. And here with this, you know inwardly what is right for you, regardless. You look in the mirror and say to yourself that you deserve all good. You deserve to be prosperous, you deserve joy, you deserve love, and you deserve respect, and for your healthy boundaries to be respected as well.

And it feels here too, that there’s an important element of this message in that situations with certain persons in your life; if you find that it is their intention to be selfish with you, your self-care and healthy boundaries for yourself, your self-love, may be in competition with their quote/unquote, “selfish intentions” for you and involving you. And that there can be that manipulation of guilt involved. So it’s important for you to see past that, to see through that, above and beyond that, and to see the bigger, more holistic, big-picture perspective, see the full truth of it and see it for what it is, with the full recognition and awareness that you deserve your own love.

Perceiving clearly that you don’t have to allow their manipulations, or guilting, or anything else to lead you into a pattern of self-deprivation, where you deprive yourself of your own love and your own care for yourself, just because they may want you to deprive yourself of your own love and respect, self-care and healthy boundaries so they can get what they want from you. And in the event that another may prefer your misguided kindness to do something that they wish of you that does not feel right to you in your heart and soul, that does not mean that you have to say yes or agree to that, and it’s actually a good, healthy, loving thing to do for yourself to say “No” to such an unhealthy situation of self-deprivation and self-abandonment. Set that healthy boundary, and see the truth of the wholeness of your true being within you, which is an ever-constant source of nourishment.

And if there is an individual in your life that is engaging in this type of behavior with you, recognizing that you can know that in the spiritual truth of who they really are, they’re already whole and complete. They don’t need to take advantage of you or use you, or for you to be in a self-deprived state where you’re disconnected from your own inner source of infinite love supply of the Divine within yourself, to do what they want you to do. That they’re already whole and complete within themselves, whether they are conscious of it, or unconscious of it. You can choose to see that they’re capable of emotionally caring for themselves in the way that they need to do for themselves, and in the way that really only they can do for themselves in the truest sense of it.

While you continue to allow yourself to be filled up from the inside with your quote/unquote, “Self”, with your True Self. And you are receiving in, you are accepting in, self-acceptance of your true, full, higher Divine Self, and allowing the infinite boundless love of it to fill you up from the inside, heal you, nourish you, and bring you all of the desires of your heart. And to feel good about that, because that’s natural, as it’s intended to be. You are love itself, actively conscious and loving yourself, and the love that you are is loving you now. Be willing to relax and open up and receive this love, and allow it to nourish you. Be willing to give that gift of “You” to Yourself, because giving that gift of you to yourself is giving and sharing that gift of you with the Divine.

And it is also blessing to both yourself, and to the collective consciousness, and to the world, the more that you expand into the true divinity that you really are in the deepest, innermost part of your heart, that you really are in your true consciousness. And the more that you allow yourself to receive of love, of your love and of the love of the Divine and the love of life and the good of life, the more nourished you are. And the more you receive, the more it expands your capacity for giving; the more you have to give and share and bless others with as well.

So, all right. Thank you so much for joining me here for this time of Divine inspiration, and if you find this content inspirational for you, please do remember to like, comment, share, subscribe. Click the bell to receive notification of future video uploads and updates. And if you’re already a current subscriber, thank you so very much, I truly love and appreciate you very much, and I truly cherish, treasure, and value deeply having you in my life.

So thank you so much. And I wish you many beautiful blessings and many beautiful allowing of flowerings of all of the beautiful goodness that you desire in your life, and of all of the beautiful, infinite, Divine goodness that you truly are in your True Self.

Break free from old patterns of self-deprivation and experience the sweet joy of your true soul freedom as you surrender yourself completely into the softened power of blissful effortless receiving.

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