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Allow Your Desires Freedom To Happen ~ Your Unique Vibration Is Your Direct Access To Infinite Creative Power

Video Transcript:

Welcome to Allowing Flowering, which is all about embodying your true identity as the field of infinite possibilities where you are already One with your every heart’s desire and with the most expansive love of all. Thank you so much for joining me here today right now. You’ve intuitively attracted the watching of this video for a reason. So let’s find out why. What divine insight, divine guidance, divine inspiration wants to come through for you today right now?

“I am not here to create sameness. “There are as many different worlds as there are perceivers. Beings are individuals. You are not here to create one world where everyone is the same, wanting and getting the same. You are here to be that which you want to be while you allow all others to be that which they want to be.”

This is so powerful and so true. There’s this whole idea and model in society and in the world that you should be a certain way, that you should think a certain way, that you should feel a certain way and follow certain ideas and be the same as what certain groups, or circles, or families, or societies, or cultures, or whatever, tells you that you should be and do.

And that is total division from the truth of your uniqueness and from your power because your power is found in your uniqueness because you are a unique vibration, a unique individualization of the Divine, and you connect with the support and the power, and infinite supply of the Divine, of All Goodness and of All Love of the Divine, through your own uniqueness of heart. That is in being true to yourself and being who you really are, who you want to be and express yourself as, not who the world or anybody else thinks or says you should be. So very powerful. And like this card here, the imagery here, and here you are standing out here, right here, different, willing to be different.

This also reminds me of an image I’d seen a long time ago about being yourself – choosing to be different, being yourself. It had a drawing of many fish swimming in the same direction, and they were each of the same color. Then there was one fish that stood out among the others, a fish of a bright different color, jumping out of that stream, and in the opposite direction. “Just be yourself,” was the message on that image. It’s so resonant here and it’s so true. I feel that for so many people, that in the world, we were conditioned to be how someone else thought we should be. We, and YOU, don’t have to continue living in the unconsciousness or subservience to these limited ideas that serve to block your power and your true self-expression.

Your life is a gift. Your life is nothing short of a gift. You are the Divine in full expression as the uniqueness of you. It is your right to express that and flower that, and the trueness of who you really are.

I think of all the shaming in families, cultures in the world, society, and in the world in general, for people when it comes to when they’re different, when they’re not the “run of the mill,” standard “cookie-cutter” type of format of living and being, the person that doesn’t have the, “bucket helmet,” on their head, so to speak, just being controlled by the thoughts that others have told them of who they should be, or how they should be, or what they should think and believe.

If you’ve experienced that, you’re free to refuse that “bucket helmet.” You’re free to take it off your head, if someone tried to put it on your head. In other words, you’re free to think for yourself, to have free thought, freedom of thought without guilt, without apologies.

You don’t have to feel guilty or apologize for being different, or for being different than how somebody else wants you to be, or thinks you should be. You have that right. Again, it is gift, your life and your freedom to express yourself in your life is a tremendous gift, and that’s the way it’s meant to be, intended to be naturally, even if others have tried to take that away. It is your right to be the freedom, the unbounded, the boundless freedom, the infinite freedom, of your True Self.

Let’s go ahead and pull a positive affirmation card. These are the, “How to Love Yourself Cards” by Louise Hay. So let’s see – What positive affirmation does the Divine feel is best for you right now? “I have the power to make change.” Speaking of power – Your true power and connecting with and fully embodying the true power that you are… “Every habit and pattern I create serves me in some way. When I am ready to let it go, the universe helps me release it.”

So even with any kind of old patterns that didn’t serve you, that were not in alignment with your authentic Self and being true to your authentic Self, it’s possible that we could have adopted those and continued those, yes, out of unconsciousness, but it’s also possible too, because there could have been a need within it, a secret unconscious reason for staying stuck within those ideas, for example.

If you’ve found that to be the case for you, then it’s possible that as you become more aware within yourself, that you have the ultimate power within you, therefore, you don’t need a negative pattern to keep you safe, you don’t need a negative pattern to serve any particular purpose for you in your life, (that’s another thing here that oftentimes, typically, most of the time limited thoughts in some way or another can be connected to the unconscious part of us that is trying to keep us safe. Even if we consciously desire positive change, there can be a deeper part of us that, although we may not like a certain circumstance, condition, issue, etc., or pattern of thought, there can be a part of us that fears releasing it because it really believes that it being there and keeping us in this limitation is somehow keeping us safe or keeping us safe from the unknown – which is where, “positive change,” so often can be connected with – the unknown…), whenever you get to that point within yourself where you are connecting with the True You, you find that it’s much easier to let go of those patterns of limitation and you’re fully supported in doing so.

You are the power of the Divine through the Love, the Oneness of Love, that you share with the Divine. You have the power to make change, to make the positive desired changes for yourself and your life that you desire, and every habit and pattern and that you create serves you in some way. When you’re ready to let it go, the universe helps you release it.

It’s pretty common that most of us have old patterns in place, and habits of those patterns, because again, those patterns may be there for reasons of safety, us wanting to stay safe, wanting to be accepted, that human survival program of wanting to be accepted by our family, or society, or culture, or the world, etc., which again, can kind of hijack your sense of freedom if you feel that you have to do something that’s inauthentic and not true of who you really are in your heart just to be safe, just to be loved, just to be accepted, and therefore, therein lies the, “need,” for the condition of following through with these old habits or patterns because you think you have to do them in order to have those needs met for love, approval, safety, and your survival, but again, whenever you connect with yourself at the deepest level as the wholeness of love that you are, the unique vibration and individualization of the One Divine Love that you are, you find the ultimate safety, the ultimate security, the infinite love, infinite support, infinite security, infinite safety, infinite All-Good, there for you, supporting you and loving you from within at all times.

And that is one way that the universe is thereby helping you let go and release those old habits and patterns, limited thinking and stuck situations, that don’t feel good to you and that have been blocking you from receiving what you desire in your life, blocking you from truly being open to receive what you desire in your life because that’s the thing, we can think, “Oh, I want this. Of course, I’m open to receive it,” but wanting something and being open to receive it is not the same thing.

For that matter, being attached to something is not the same as being open to it. And in fact, being attached to something, to some desired outcome that you wish to happen, some positive change that you wish to happen, is really a form of resistance to it because too strong of attachment to a desired outcome is a form of closure. It’s a form of gripping onto it.

When you’re truly open to receive something, you’re open. You’re not gripping it. You’re allowing an openness of freedom to be there for the flowering of your desire.

You find that you can let go of these old patterns and the need for these old patterns, BECAUSE you’ve found what you need, what you needed from those patterns or were trying to get from those patterns, as you’re having those needs now met in healthy ways and therefore, you are able to release the conditions, issues, whatever it is, patterns and the need for them, because you are now having those needs met in healthy ways through the inner connection, inner partnership within you, with the Divine within you.

Remembering that it is the Divine within you that is the source of all provision, infinite supply, infinite security, infinite support, infinite safety, infinite love, infinite abundance, infinite All Good. You literally are the full entirety of – infinite treasure trove – of all things good because you are this unique expression of the Divine that is all things good and is the source of all things good. You are worthy of these things. You are worthy of the Divine. You’re worthy of your True Self, which is your connection with the Divine, your Oneness with the Divine. You’re worthy of all things good because the Divine is absolute infinite worth in and of itself and you are One with the Divine, so you are infinitely worthy.

So, all right. Thank you so much for joining me here for this time of divine inspiration. If you do find this content inspirational, please do remember to like, comment, share, subscribe. Click the bell to receive notification of future video uploads and updates. If you’re already a current subscriber, thank you very much. I truly love and appreciate you very much, and I truly treasure and cherish, and value deeply having you in my life.

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So, again, all right. Thank you so very much and I wish you many beautiful blessings and many beautiful allowing of flowerings of all of the beautiful good that you desire in your life that you are absolutely infinitely worthy of.

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