Love Affirmations For Happy Healthy Relationships


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70 Life-Changing Love and Romance Affirmations Designed for Women, to Awaken the Magic of Love in Your Life and Relationship!

*A companion eBook for “Secret Magic – Awaken His Heart to Love by Embodying the Presence of Your Awakened Feminine Essence eBook” and included as a free bonus when you purchase “Secret Magic” eBook.* Or this title may be purchased separately on its own.

Awaken the Magic of Love and Positively Change Your Life with Affirmations such as:

– “My true heart is a unique expression of Love’s sweet essence.”

– “I allow spiritual love to pour into my life from the center of my Being.”

– “I allow my emotional-insides to fill with Divine Nourishment.”

– “I allow spiritual romance to wash through every part of me, awakening every level of my soul to the ever-flowering ecstasy of love.”

– “Love’s sweetness fills my life, and my heart, with endless beauty.”

– “Within my innermost space of heart, I know that I am loved deeply by the very presence of life.”

– “I have found Love’s home inside my heart.”

– “I can love myself instantly in any moment, simply by remembering that Love forms my innermost core.”

– “I am loved from within at all times.”

– “I easily attract love, because I AM LOVE.”

– “I allow myself to fully surrender to the Love That I Am at the innermost center of my Being.”

– “I allow myself to completely melt into union with the Solid Love Source that IS my center.”

– “I am infinitely worthy of receiving all of the blessings that love has in store for me.”

– “I embrace my feelings, and my ability to feel, knowing that this sacred part of me makes me a beautiful and enchanting experience for both myself, and for a man.”

– And Many More!

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